Learn How Renting Technology Helps Your Bottom Line

Learn How Renting Technology Helps Your Bottom Line

Whether you run a start-up or an enterprise organization, renting technology can help your business save both money and time; thus freeing up funding for other business related projects and enhancing the productivity of your staff.

Below are a few areas where rentals make a lot of sense and the benefits associated with renting technology in general.

Ideal Technology Rental Scenarios

  • Staffing Services: Where the demand for temporary employees and the computers used can change from month-to-month.
  • Software Development: Technology is especially important during the testing and pilot phase. Large screen monitor rentals can come in handy to walk the audience through the beta site.
  • Training: Trainers, whether they are employees or not, usually travel to your organization to deliver the education. The less equipment they need to bring, the better chance it won’t be damaged or stolen, and it will be fully compatible with the equipment rented.
  • Seasonal: This is when you know the demand for the equipment is going to be particularly high (i.e. tax season, summer internships).
  • Meetings and Trade Shows: These short-term events typically last between one to five days and usually require the latest equipment.
  • Entertainment: During the production of a movie or TV series, technology needs are fluid and specific but only for the length of production of the movie or TV series.
  • Legal: When an attorney is prepping for a case, they may require “all hands on deck” when it comes to discovery.

Benefits Renting Offers

Renting can help your business in the following five ways:

  1. You will have the latest technology on a weekly or monthly payment schedule.
    There is no big cash outlay or the need to justify a major expense to the boss.
  2. You can call up the technology vendor and return any unwanted computer equipment when the project is over.
    Additionally, if your organization has many last minute requests for computer technology, ask about a flex rent option, which allows the equipment to stay at your location and only be charged for the time the equipment is used.
  3. There is no need to manage the inventory.
    The rental company will track the equipment, contract end date and user it is assigned to. The company will drop the equipment off and pick it up. In addition, unlike a purchase, you don’t have to worry about the expense of disposition at the end of life cycle.
  4. Support is just a phone call away.
    Rather than paying your IT staff overtime, the rental company can troubleshoot any questions or issues you may have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If necessary, equipment can be swapped out to avoid any costly work delays.
  5. Software can be loaded and computer equipment will be tested and set up.
    No need to load your applications and the latest operating system and apps. The rental company will do it for you, test the technology before delivering it and set it up where you want so your employees are ready to go on day one.

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