Celebrating Recent Technology Trends & Gadgets

Celebrating Recent Technology Trends & Gadgets

On Monday, September 5th, we celebrate Labor Day. For many, it signals the end of summer but it really is a day to celebrate workers and their achievements.

In keeping with the “celebration” theme, here are some of the recent technology trends and gadgets that are worth celebrating.

Business Professionals

Workplace Gadgets Your Business Should Consider

The workplace has become more tech-oriented but which gadgets make sense for your business? Discover 9 workplace gadgets your business should consider.

Top Workforce Trends for Today and Beyond

What does the future of work look like? Get key findings from a recent survey that highlights the top workforce trends for today and beyond. Are you ready?

Cool Cloud Computing Trends to Embrace Now

Is your company moving to the cloud? Experts weigh in on the cloud, offer key insights about cloud computing trends that companies need to embrace now

Event & Meeting Professionals

AV Guide for Small, Medium, and Large Meetings

Planning a meeting can be challenging especially trying to keep up with technology. Get our one-stop AV guide for small, medium and large meetings and events.

Pokémon Go Can Get Event Participants Really Going

Pokémon Go is a phenomenon; why not take advantage of this craze at your next event? Uncover creative ways to add Pokémon Go to get your event participants really going.

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