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Need to rent a 360 camera for a week?

Now that major content providers are supporting virtual reality, it’s time to start creating immersive content and to do that you’ll need a spherical 360 camera to capture the action. You could buy a 360 camera but what you’ll find out is that 360 cameras are still in their infancy and getting better every generation. You’re most cost-effective option is to rent a 360 camera and at Hartford, we have a large inventory of 360 cameras for rent on a daily, weekly and monthly terms. Our cameras are well-cared for and backed by a team of professionals that can help you every step of the way to produce your next 360 project.

Top 360 Cameras with the latest features

We offer the latest in professional-grade 360 cameras capable of 8K resolution video and wide panoramic images. Our camera inventory includes 2 lens models up to models with 8 lenses. We even carry models capable of live streaming online your event. All cameras ship with included software, cables and batteries fully charged. Not only can we rent you a camera, we can provide you a complete professional studio production computer with all the software tools for the stitching or if you want to keep it super simple and save man hours; just capture the video and leave the stitching to us.

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With your rig, you may also need extra batteries, a tripod, mounts or sound equipment for your kit. And once you’re finished with your 360 production you’ll want to view it. We can help with that as well. We offer a full line of the latest VR headsets. To make your show go without a hitch, we can pre-load your video experience on the devices prior to delivery, provide VR sync solutions and we even offer onsite technical support during your event.

Let Us Handle the Stitch

Need help or just don’t want to deal with the hassle? Leave it us to stitch your 360 video. We’ve got high-end post-productions workstations that can stitch your project up in no time. We’re able to offer low rates and fast turnaround times.

Why rent a 360 camera?

Being in the technology industry, we’ve seen 360 camera get better and better every 12 months. This makes owning a 360 camera a tricky situation. Unless you’ll be capturing tons of footage within 12 months’ time that will pay for your rig, chances are you’ll want to upgrade to the better cameras when the new 360 camera models come out. If you can that’s great, if not, you’re going to lose value as the costs of older 360 cameras depreciates quickly even when they’re in pristine condition. This is why renting 360 cameras makes the most sense especially from Hartford. Our 360 camera rental prices are the most competitive in the country.

What we find with most customers is that for a majority of 360 video projects, they only need to rent a 360 camera for a week to capture the footage. After that most of the time is spent in post-production stitching and editing the footage. It doesn’t quite make sense to spend a lot on a camera when it won’t get used very often. Not only that what happens when you spend a lot of money on the shoot only to find that the camera isn’t working? If you rented the 360 camera from Hartford, we’ve got your covered with our 24/7 technical support who can assist in resolving the issue or swapping the camera out. In this situation if you had owned the camera, the only real option would be to rent one so you could get yours sent in for repair.

Why Rent 360 Cameras from Hartford?

  • Fully tested and prepped Cameras
  • Quick Start Instruction Guide
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Memory Cards
  • Optional Manfrotto Tripods
  • Stitching Services

In 2015, we were the first rental provider in the country to offer 360 camera rentals and since that time we’ve been adding to our camera rental inventory and our experience. We’ve worked with many production, marketing and branding companies across the country in providing them the best 360 cameras in the market backed by the best support.

You might be thinking; where can I rent a 360 camera near me?  The answer is easy.  We have distribution centers in ChicagoWashington DCNew York and Los Angeles and in most cases can ship same day nationwide.  All 360 camera rentals include:

When you need a technology rental provider who understands the importance of a production shoot and providing excellent customer service with competitive rental prices, feel free to contact us at 888-520-5667.