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Gaming Monitor Rentals | HTRWhen it comes to gaming, the second most important factor to consider after the computer itself is the gaming monitor. The monitor will ultimately determine how things look and are interpreted by the user.  When you want to really showcase your media, consider renting one of our gaming desktops and gaming computer monitors. The impact a gaming monitor provides over a traditional monitor is night and day.  We’ve spent quite a bit of time researching various monitor manufacturers to see where the best value lies and based on our findings have selected the monitors you see below.

Here’s our current lineup of gaming monitors for rent

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So what makes a good gaming monitor?  There are quite a few qualities a good gaming monitor should have.  The three main qualities are:

Refresh Rate

This is basically the number of times a monitor refreshes its image. Typical monitors refresh at 60Hz while gaming monitors refresh at 120Hz (or higher), twice the rate of other monitors. This results in a much smoother image and the difference becomes more apparent during fast moving content.  All of our gaming monitor rentals have 144Hz refresh rates.

Response Time

The response time is a measurement (measured in ms or milliseconds) to describe the time it takes for a monitor to refresh itself and realign pixels to a screen change.  The lower the response time number, the sharper the image will look while in motion. The response time on standard monitors is usually 5ms while gaming computer monitors should be 1ms. Rent our gaming computer monitors and enjoy a 1ms response time.

Type of Panel

There are basically two types of panel technology used in monitors today, TN or IPS. The most common is TN. TN panels are the least expensive to make but also offer the shortest response times. The downfall of a TN panel is its color accuracy and viewing angles. Colors on a TN panel are acceptable but not as accurate as an IPS panel. IPS panels offer a much better viewing angle and color representation however they cost more and their refresh rate is limited to 60Hz. In most circumstances concerning gaming setups, getting the TN panel makes more sense as the refresh rate is typically more important as smooth fast-paced content is preferred and since most people look at monitors head on the viewing angle isn’t as much of a concern.

Ready to rent a gaming monitor? Send us a quote request using our shopping cart or feel free to contact one of our sales representatives at 888-520-5667. We’ll be happy to assist you in selecting the best option for your next gaming event. In need of a large quantity? Ask about our bulk gaming monitor rental discounts.