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Election & Political Campaign Rentals 2023

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Providing technology for campaign rental for local, state and national elections. Call Hartford Technology Rental at 888-520-5667.

Election & Political Campaign Tech Rental: Laptops, iPad & More

Campaign Technology Rental needs for local, state, and national political elections. The go-to technology rental company for Laptops, iPads, Computers, and more. Call 888-520-5667 for details and a free quote.

Election & Political Campaign Rentals 2023

From the Spring Primaries to the Fall General Election and to every type of election in between, Hartford Technology Rentals has your campaign computer rentals covered. Hartford provides the right solution for campaign technology rentals whether you require campaign management solutions on a local, state or even national level. We realize campaigns are always pivoting to get their message out to the public. By partnering with Hartford, we will ensure that wherever you go, the election technology rental equipment that you need will be there setup and ready to help you win.

We have a wide array of election technology for rent that can help campaigns reach their target demographics and persuade the undecided voters as well. Some of the technology rental situations HTR services include:

Technology Rentals for Political Parties & Fundraisers

Technology Rentals for Political Canvassing

Technology Rentals for Election Campaigns

Mobile Technology Kits for National, State & Local Campaigns

Campaign Technologies for Rent

Deciding which technology your campaign needs to rent to produce the election results that you are looking for is a crucial step for success. At Hartford Technology Rentals, we have everything you could possibly need to rent for the election:

Laptop Rentals:

Laptop Rentals are one of the most fundamental aspect of renting for political campaigns. Laptops can be used for phone banks, polling and other database related activities that every elections entails. We have thousands of laptops ready to deploy across the country for your candidate. Laptops are also perfect for war room discussions and contract employees.

iPad Rentals:

iPad Rentals are perfect for campaign audience response systems, surveys, fundraising and event management. And if you want to stay in the Apple Ecosystem, we also carry iPhones to keep your entire election team connected.

Copier Rentals:

We carry the Sharp line of business class copiers to make printing daily schedules, handouts and flyers a breeze. 

Audio Visual Rentals:

We can set up a stage with our top-tier Audio Visual Equipment to make your next campaign rally captivate voters.

Wireless Internet Rentals:

Make sure that your campaign staff is connected wherever they go with our Verizon 5G wireless internet rentals.

Benefits of Campaign Rentals with Hartford Technology Rentals

Campaign and election rentals are a big part of our focus at Hartford Technology Rentals.

  • Large Rental Inventory for Campaigns and Elections – We have one of the largest inventories of laptops, desktops and monitors, iPads, Hot Spots and so much more available for election rentals.
  • Experienced Campaign Rental Supplier – The fact is, you want to work with a company who understands the nature of elections and political campaign rentals.  Hartford is that company. We have been renting election technology to campaign and political parties for decades. If you want to win then you need a partner who understands every nuance of election rentals.  
  • Unparalleled Service Specifically Designed To Win Your Campaign – Your campaign wins with every election rental from Hartford. Our prices are the best in the country and our inventory will help you keep focused on what matters instead of worrying about having the right technology.
  • Onsite Spares For Your Campaign – Every campaign rental includes free spares of virtually every item you rent for the election. We keep you up and running 24/7 as your race to victory.
  • Imaging Customized to Your Campaign – Once your create your master images for your election technology rental we will make sure that your gear arrives with everything preloaded and ready. With Hartford you won’t waste a second of valuable campaigning time on hardware issues.

Types of Election Rentals Supported By Hartford Technology Rentals

Special Election RentalsMunicipal Election Rentals
Local Election RentalsSchool Board Election Rentals
State Election RentalsFederal Election Rentals
Primary Election RentalsCampaign Election Rentals
County Election RentalsRunoff Election Rentals
Democrat Election RentalsRepublican Election Rentals