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Event Breakout Sessions Solutions

Conventions are an excellent way to network with like-minded professionals and expand your knowledge base within your field. One essential component to a successful convention is effective event breakout sessions. Technology can be a key to success. A reliable sound system, high-quality projectors, and screens for visual aids are just a few basics needed.   Don’t forget about those that can’t make the trip.  You can make breakout sessions more inclusive for remote attendees by incorporating video conferencing gear. At HTR, we’re no strangers to supporting event breakout rooms and there’s a lot of value you get when you partner with us.

The HTR Breakout Session Advantage

  • Onsite Technical Support Team to ensure all breakout session rooms run smoothly.
  • Pro-AV gear that is QC’d prior to delivery.
  • Onsite spare equipment just in case.
  • Cost-effective breakout room package deals.
  • Custom imaging for training room breakouts.
  • Non-tech consumables available for purchase such as flip chart paper, markers, etc.

Be sure to check out a blog post we wrote about the ultimate breakout session checklist.  This guide can come in handy when planning out the breakout session aspect of your event.  Here are some other ideas that you might find useful.

What is a Breakout Session?

When attending a conference, you may have heard the term “breakout session” thrown around, but why is it called a breakout session? A breakout session is a smaller and more focused gathering that takes place during a conference. It provides attendees a chance to dive deeper into specific topics and participate in discussions with their peers. Typically, these sessions will have a facilitator or speaker who guides the conversations and ensures that everyone has a chance to participate. These sessions are a great way to connect with other attendees and gain a better understanding of the topics at hand. Overall, breakout sessions are an integral part of any conference, and their purpose is to provide a more intimate setting for attendees to connect and learn.

So how long do breakout sessions last?  The duration of these sessions may vary depending on the agenda and the number of presenters. Generally, breakout sessions can range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or even longer. These sessions often feature interactive and engaging techniques such as case studies, peer-to-peer discussions, and hands-on activities. Their length allows participants to go into greater depth and fully explore the topic at hand.

Small Group vs Large Group Breakout Sessions

When it comes to planning a conference or event, breakout sessions are a common way to encourage interaction and collaboration among attendees. However, it’s important to consider whether small or large breakout sessions are the best fit for your event. Smaller sessions can foster deeper connections and more personalized discussions, while larger sessions may offer diversity of opinions and experiences. Other factors to consider include the space available, the goals of the session, and the number of attendees will determine the level of technology required which also means your budget. Ultimately, carefully considering the benefits and drawbacks of small vs. large breakout sessions can lead to more successful and impactful events. 

Small Breakout Room Solution

If you want to maximize the space in a small breakout room in a professional manner, consider forgoing the projector and screen and opt for a large display such as our 85” or 98″ 4K display. Not only does it allow for a hassle-free setup, but its positioning against the wall opens up more space and eliminates the need for a projector in the center aisle. In addition, the immense size and 4K resolution of the display will certainly leave an impression.

Types of Breakout Sessions

There are many types or themes of breakout sessions.  Here’s some of the most common breakout sessions types we’ve supported.

Workshop Training

Event Workshop Training at Tradeshows

Workshop training at tradeshows has become an essential part of the professional development of workers in many industries. These workshops provide attendees with a unique opportunity to learn new skills, gain insight into the latest industry trends and connect with other professionals in their field. Whether it’s a demonstration of new software or a seminar on best practices, the benefits of attending a workshop at a tradeshow are undeniable. In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, staying up-to-date on industry developments is vital for anyone looking to improve their chances of success. By taking advantage of the opportunities offered by workshop training at tradeshows, professionals can not only stay current, but also gain a competitive edge in their field. Our company provides both small quantity and bulk rental options for identical models of laptops and desktops to ensure a uniform experience. We offer custom imaging and have over 20 years of experience in supporting training solutions, providing peace of mind that your classes will run smoothly.

Interactive Breakout Sessions & Working Sessions

Interactive Conference Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions divide a long conference day and bring participants into smaller groups to concentrate on varying session themes. By integrating engaging, interactive breakout sessions into your conference schedule, you can captivate and engage participants in your conference topics. 

When it comes to creating an interactive breakout session, there are certain steps you can take to ensure a successful outcome. First and foremost, determine the breakout session agenda. What do you want your attendees to learn? Next, establish the appropriate content and activities that will best achieve those objectives. Be sure to incorporate various interactive elements to keep your audience engaged and discussion going. Utilize breakout rooms to encourage group discussions and collaboration.

Additionally, interactive tools such as polling apps on iPads or digital whiteboards will help further engage attendees and provide valuable data for presenters. Ensuring that the technology is seamless and easy to use will keep attendees focused on the topic at hand, rather than being distracted by technical difficulties. By prioritizing the proper technology for breakout sessions, conventions can reach their full potential in providing educational and collaborative experiences for all attendees.

Finally, be sure to allocate the appropriate amount of time for each activity, and allow for flexibility in the event that certain activities may require more or less time than anticipated. By following these steps, you can create an interactive breakout session that is both engaging and purposeful.

Virtual Breakout Sessions

Virtual Breakout Sessions

To create a successful virtual breakout session, know your objectives of the session and the audience you’re speaking to. Once you understand these things, you can then determine what content should be covered during the session. When planning your interactive breakout session activity, consider using tools that engage your audience, such as chat rooms, whiteboards and video conferencing tools. Additionally, try to create opportunities for attendees to engage with one another and with the presenter through live polls, Q&A sessions, and group discussions.

Do you want to really kick up your virtual meeting up several notches?  Consider renting VR headsets and bring your meeting into the virtual world.  With the virtual world practically anything you can dream up is possible.  A lot of the VR meeting apps available today can make you feel like your at an in person event even on the beach if you want it.  Ask us about our VR meeting options.

Wireless Internet Solution

When trying to stay within budget, expenses like Internet service can be a drain. Fortunately, HTR offers a variety of 4G LTE and 5G wireless Internet rental options that are far more cost-effective. Whether it’s a simple hotspot or Internet service for up to 200 devices, we have you covered.

Ready To Talk?

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