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Virtual Reality for Business Meetings

Virtual Reality for Business Meetings – HTR

Are you tired of Zoom?  Do you not quite feel like you’re in a meeting or getting much out of it?  Developers have created virtual reality meeting platforms that boost productivity across dispersed teams and make team meetings more engaging by giving participants the feeling of presence.  A big reason this is happening now is that VR hardware today such as the Oculus Quest 2 has the performance and ease of use that make virtual reality office meetings for teams a reality. 

VR Creates a feeling of presence in Business Meetings

Effective collaboration requires true presence like that found in face-to-face meetings.  To compensate for face-to-face team meetings being restricted, organizations use tools like Zoom. However, video conferencing apps like Zoom are inefficient as they lack the element of true human presence and effective co-creation tools.  VR meeting applications overcome these shortcomings by reflecting participants’ movements and gestures providing non-verbal communication. In addition to voice, VR business meetings also exploit spatial audio to trigger a natural and immersive understanding of an attendee’s surroundings.

How does VR Meeting Software Work

The latest virtual reality meeting platforms and apps have integrated several features to empower you and your virtual team meeting participants to work remotely the right way.   They do this by giving you options.  Lots of them.

  • Choosing your team setting. It all starts with choosing an effective environment.  Meeting in virtual team spaces specially configured for different types of meetings boosts productivity. Most VR meeting platforms offer several readymade spaces. You can also create and import your own 3D geometry. This might be a classroom-type environment for training, a virtual showroom, or a replica of your manufacturing facility for customer tours.
  • Pick up where you left off. There’s no need to wipe clean the whiteboard for the next meeting. Most VR meeting spaces are persistent, so your content stays where it is, untouched for the next time you return.
  • A lot of VR meeting software includes a suite of collaboration tools that allows participants to have constant access to a selection of tools readily available. These tools include access to your files, annotation tools and much more with a swift push of a button – all without having to take off your headset.
  • Never run out of space. Your virtual environments can be as large as you like, and if you need bigger walls or whiteboards for all your notes and ideas, it takes moments to create them.
  • Include 3D objects and models that you can manipulate right before you. No matter how big they are, you will be able to manipulate them with ease. This is great for product demos or training classes.
  • VR meeting spaces are available 24/7 allowing your team to meet and collaborate whenever and of course wherever the participants are. With VR meetings, it does not matter whether participants are working from home, the summer cabin or an office; your space is always ready when you are.
  • Get more done with virtual reality since you can ditch the commute and take back your time. It takes seconds to join a space and get to work with your team. You will find that VR meeting platforms help improve your team’s focus on the goal of the meeting – removing the distractions we often experience in physical meetings and video conferences, while boosting productivity and helping ignite people’s creativity.

Why rent virtual reality meeting solutions from Hartford?

Hartford Technology can provide your organization a total virtual reality meeting solution. 

  • We can rent VR headsets in the quantity you need and rest assured that they are sanitized prior to shipping.
  • Preload one of the many virtual reality meeting platforms.
  • Ship to each of your participants addresses that includes a return air bill.
  • Provide an easy out-of-box experience that is as simple as turning on and connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • Provide wireless Internet already pre-configured if need be.
  • Provide 24/7 technical support during the rental.

Are you unsure if virtual reality for business meetings is right for you?  Give us a call today at 888-520-5667.  We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss further how virtual reality team meetings work.  We can even setup a demo to let you experience firsthand how immersive today’s virtual reality meeting software is.