Name Badge Printer Rentals

Name Badge Printer Rentals

HTR carries a wide range of name badge printers for rent from proven manufacturers like Epson and Zebra.  Whether you need to print general personalized name tags for meetings and conferences or custom full-color premium-feeling badges for that special touch, we can help.  We can even help with the badge media.

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Why Print Name Badges Onsite

When it comes to printing name badges, it may seem reasonable to print them beforehand and have them shipped to the event site, particularly if hundreds or even thousands need to be printed. However, before you commit, consider the following factors that could cause you to rethink your strategy and start printing badges onsite.

It’s More Efficient

Providing your attendees with a simple registration process, where they simply type their name at a check-in kiosk and receive their badge within seconds, is a game-changer. Compare that to the alternative of standing in long lines, waiting for a representative to search for and sift through a pile of badges organized alphabetically. The check-in process sets the tone for the rest of your attendees’ experience. So why not make it a great one?

Boost Revenue

The ability to print badges onsite provides a unique opportunity to keep registration open throughout your event, allowing you to sell more passes and welcome latecomers with the same seamless check-in as early birds. Maximize your event’s potential by making the most of onsite badge printing.

Saves Money

Onsite name badge printing offers more than a chance to make money; it can also save you money by reducing staff needed for check-in tables and replacing them with self-serve kiosks. What’s more, it minimizes waste on pre-printed badges for no-shows. It’s a smart investment for any event!

Attendance Tracking

Onsite badge printing allows attendance tracking in real-time as event organizers will know who is and isn’t checked in at any moment in time.  This is more of a manual process with pre-printed badges.


Pre-printing badges can put attendee data at risk by allowing it to fall into the wrong hands. Onsite badge printing offers a more secure option, ensuring that attendees can claim their own badges and preventing mishaps in transit or with misidentification.

Onsite Badge Printing For The Win

Utilizing onsite badge printing enhances the entire event experience! This modern, waste-saving, low-touch system benefits everyone involved. Attendees appreciate the easy and flexible process, while organizers save time, money, and more importantly, keep registration open for longer. Onsite badge printing is a complete game-changer that elevates event standards and ensures an enjoyable experience for all.

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