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Telework Rental Solutions

Telework Rental Solutions for Business | Hartford Technology Rental
Telework Rental Solutions for Business – HTR

Whether you’ve come to this page due to a recent catastrophe such as COVID-19 or are looking at moving towards a telework solution, you’ve come to the right place.  Our Telework Rental Solution offers a range of products and services that will allow your employees to work from home while we provide all of the technical support they’ll need to stay productive.  What’s more is we’ve got options to help keep your data secure as well as being able to monitor your employees remotely.  Here’s some of our more popular technology gear for telework employees.


Your business may have a hard time finding laptops to buy but you can rent laptops. That’s right! We have hundreds of business-class laptop models and accessories in stock and ready to supply your telecommuting team. Plus, we can install your custom image along with a secured option if needed.


Perhaps your employees would prefer working with a tablet, we carry thousands of tablets and tablet accessories including Android, iPads and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. Our tablet rentals come with or without Verizon service. We can install your custom image and offer remote management via a mobile device manager, if needed.


smartphones from Apple and Samsung running on the nations #1 carrier Verizon. Our plans include unlimited Text/Talk/Data.

Wireless Internet

We carry a full line of wireless Internet devices for accessing the web all powered by Verizon. These include: Hotspots, USB Modems and advanced routers for a larger number of devices and coverage area.

Video Conferencing

With everyone out of the office and travel restrictions in place, it’s important for team members to stay connected. The best way to interact directly with staff and keep that safe distance is through video conferencing. We rent video conferencing models for small huddle groups to large meeting rooms.


We have mobile printers and small all-in-one printers that are a great option for employees working from home.

Do you need a secure and managed solution?

Secure Business Solutions | HTR

If you’re concerned about your data or how you’re going to manage your employees, we offer a solution for both that will allow you to ensure your data is safe and will have the ability to remotely monitor employees.

From a security standpoint, our secure laptop solution gives customers control on how the laptop can be used, what websites it can visit and encrypt data at rest and in transit.  Employees can become disengaged when working remotely but by using monitoring software an organization can lower the risk and become more profitable. We install an employee monitoring application that allows customers to monitor and record their employee activity and productivity. We’ve found it’s an effective way to boost employee engagement and optimize working processes.

Features include:

  • Power-On Password: Provides an added layer of security in the event the laptop is lost or stolen.
  • 2 Accounts (Admin/User): Employee will only have access to the user account and cannot make changes to the laptop via admin account.
  • Data Encryption: We can encrypt the drives using Microsoft’s BitLocker software to ensure data at rest is protected.
  • Disable USB Mass Storage: Prevents users from offloading data to external USB storage devices.
  • Endpoint Protection: If required we can provide endpoint protection software.
  • Disable Printing: Prevents users from printing files if required.
  • Web Restrictions: We can restrict user’s access to only websites approved by you.
  • Employee Monitoring: If you concerned about employee productivity, we’ll provide software to allow you to monitor and record your employee’s activity in real-time.

Partner with Hartford Technology Rental

While you focus on getting your staff set-up and ready to go at their home offices, let us worry about your telework technology rentals.

With distribution centers in Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles, we can deploy a full array of technology rentals for your telecommuting staff. Our experienced Sales team can walk you through the rental process to make sure you get the right equipment, where and when you need it. We offer 24/7 technical so you never have to worry about downtime.

Are you ready to get started? Learn more about our Telework Rental Solutions that we can provide your business to keep your staff connected and productive. Contact us today at 888-520-5667 or contact us today