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Are your events missing something? Take them to the next level with Hartford’s touch screen display rentals! Our selections range from 19″ all the way up to 70″, offering interactive elements that can help users engage and focus on what interests them. With our technical support staff on hand, you’ll be able to provide an even more immersive experience by treating participants of your presentation or event like they are in control.

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Interactive Samsung Display Rental and Delivery

People are now so comfortable with the idea of interactivity that they almost expect any monitor to be touchscreen enabled! Which is actually great – because when it comes to user experiences, staying engaged and active can make all the difference. Interaction adds an extra layer of collaboration which helps users become more involved in their experience by actively contributing rather than just being a passive bystander. Hartford Technology Rentals provides you with competitive screen rental and pricing with our Samsung QM55R-T for touch screen monitor rental and delivery.

Rent a Monitor or TV for a day to deliver to your event

There are multiple types of touch monitor or TV rentals to choose from such as; single, or multiple touch-point touch screens, or even touchscreen monitors that are fully functional interactive displays with touch pens, webcams, mobile device connectivity and more available for corporate events.

These TV monitors have become increasingly popular in the rental market due to its affordable price and its ease of use. Companies that offer touchscreen monitor rentals have products for rent that come with various features, accessories and capabilities. For example, some rental models offer multi-touch capability, allowing users to interact with multiple devices at once. Other models feature advanced technologies like gesture control and facial recognition.

Touch Screen Rental for Presentations

Touchscreen Presentation Rentals

It is now acknowledged that active participation in a presentation with a touch screen monitor can lead to greater knowledge retention than merely being a passive audience member. This is due to the fact that interactive technology and equipment such as a TV rental encourages engagement and allows for new levels of learning. By making use of the engaging visuals and interactive software available on the touch screen monitors, the participants can retain a lot more of the content that they took a part in manipulating and creating.

Monitor Rental or Phone Rental for Lead Capture

Touch screen displays have the potential to do much more than merely capture a customer service call’s signature or lead capture. These digital tools can be used to create interactive experiences that provide valuable insights and engage users in ways never before possible.

With touch screen rentals, businesses can allow visitors to watch videos and Webinars about the company’s products and services. By incorporating touchscreen monitors into their trade show booths, businesses can offer an experience that will leave a lasting impression on clients and make sure they come back for more.

Digital Signage Rental for Events and Interactivity

Touchscreen Digital Signage Rentals

Touch screen rentals for events offer users the ability to interact with applications in a more intuitive way than traditional mouse and keyboard-based, or phone interactions. By incorporating technology into an interactive display, users can actively participate in the event by tapping, swiping, and pinching directly on the screen.

This eliminates the need for cumbersome remote controls or external keyboards and allows users to engage with the presentation in a method already familiar to them. The end users can utilize a cell phone, iPad, or tablets with data or WIFI connectivity to have a fully collaborative aspect with your clients.

Touch Screen Display Rentals for Events

Touchscreen Rentals for Events & Venues

Outside of the standard format, renting touch screen monitor equipment for your business can be successfully utilized in conferences as well for digital signage for business either.

Incorporating touch screen display monitor rentals into trade shows is an excellent way to engage attendees and create a positive experience. Some of the best ways to utilize rental TV monitors in your event include:

  • Use interactive screens to showcase products or services in an engaging way for your event.
  • Provide user conferences with touch screens that allow them to sign up for newsletters or discounts quickly and easily.
  • Create digital surveys on the touch screens to gather valuable insights from visitors about their needs and preferences.
  • Allow attendees to watch videos or webinars about the company’s products or services.
  • Set up virtual demonstrations of apps so customers can actually see how they work.
  • Develop interactive games that reward players with discounts or gifts.

By leveraging our digital Samsung touch screen monitors and other interactive equipment rental for events, businesses can create an immersive and memorable experience for their clients – one that will keep them coming back for more!

Monitor Rental for your Company

Another vital incorporation to some of the larger events is a touchscreen kiosk, which has directional functionality. These touch screen displays with built in floor stands can be used to provide a service to customers to determine their location. These rental TVs can be a part of a fully branded delivery with custom software on each monitor which would leave a lasting impression that would be hard to beat!

TVs touch screen rental monitors near me for rent across the country

Our display rentals can be preloaded and delivered for an affordable price with event specific apps, such as how to get to specific booths or destinations and an agenda detailing what events are taking place throughout the show. This makes it easier for visitors to navigate the event floor, allowing them to spend more time engaging with booths and less time searching for their destination.

Remember, all of our TV screen rentals can be delivered in multiple ways; from on floor stands to being setup on wall mounts. HTR has an inventory of matching Samsung products and can rent screens to you anywhere in the country from TV rental in NYC or DC to IL to LA or any city in between.

TV Rental and Digital Signage Delivery for Your Events

Touch screen rental kiosks or monitor rentals can also be used to provide your event with a general overview of the event, giving them an idea of what is being offered and where they should go first. This helps ensure that attendees have a memorable experience at the event, because they have an understanding of what is available from your vendors from the get-go.

Overall, touch screen monitor rentals can be an effective way for businesses and consumers alike to get access to advanced technology without investing in expensive hardware. With careful research and consideration of features, price, and capabilities offered by different rental services, it is possible to find the perfect monitor rental solution for any need or budget.

Whether your audience is five, or fifty, there are a multitude of ways to collaborate with your attendees. By consulting with our team of experts for monitor rentals and interactive displays, HTR has all the AV rental accessories and TVs for rent you need to help deploy your next successful meeting. We can also rent screens and projectors for you with our competitive pricing, deliver them to any city, and utilize our technical support to make sure your company is setup for success!

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