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Bulk iPad Rentals

Affordable Bulk iPad Rentals!



As low as $25 each!
iPad Mini, Air & Classic available
7.9″ – 10.9″ Retina Display
A10 – A15 Bionic Chip
32GB – 128GB Storage
Mobile Data Plan Optional
Typical Use:
Event Registration

iPad Pro Rentals

Supercharged iPads!




As low as $59 each!
10.5″ – 12.9″ Retina Display
A9X – M1 Chip
64GB – 512GB Storage
Mobile Data Plan Optional
Typical Use:
Power User

iPad Rental Form

Want help choosing the right iPad to rent?

Whether you just want basic iPads in bulk rented quickly, or you have specific needs for your project, we can help with your iPad rentals! We have a large inventory with many models and do short and long term rentals Nationwide! We have trained staff that can help you make the right choice. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and tell us about your needs!


iPad Rentals for Business and Events

iPads are one of the most productive technology tools available today. The capability of the iPad is quickly closing the gap between tablet and laptop. Is your business taking advantage of this product? When you rent iPads, your team can be productive wherever they are, increase their flexibility, and collaborate more effectively. In addition, renting an iPad bundled with apps can enhance their workflow and help manage customer relationships.

What about iPads for events? iPad rentals for events such as trade shows, association conferences or training sessions offer a great way to handle attendee check-ins, room monitoring, lead retrieval, point of sales, and so much more. Plus, consider ordering iPad floor stands to engage prospective clients at your next event. Want to save money on venue wireless costs? Consider renting iPads with Verizon 4G. You’ll find the rental cost we offer very competitive especially compared to what the venue’s charge.

Choose from Various iPad Rental Models We Stock

Hartford was the first company in the industry to rent iPads when they first came out. At that time, people weren’t quite sure how to use them and then the Apps came. Once the applications came, businesses quickly found ways to utilize iPads for their events. Fast forward to today and our portfolio has grown to over 4,000 iPads. Today, we have many generations including both Wi-Fi and Verizon 4G models and screen sizes from 7.9” up to 12.9” in stock.

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Looking for something more particular?

Check Out Related Tech Products. Maybe you’re looking for more budget friendly Android rentals, specific iPad Pro rentals, or you have an event/meeting that calls for Samsung Tablets. We have more available than what’s listed above! Besides all the Apps that are available for iPads, you might find that you need some accessories to order as well. We carry all kinds of accessories such as specialized cases, Bluetooth keyboards, iPad kiosk and table stands and a whole lot more. Can’t find what you need? Simply add what you’re looking for in the comments section of our quick quote form. Take a look!

Features of renting iPads from Hartford

What sets us apart from our competition?

  • Best Daily/Weekly/Monthly iPad rental prices
  • All models of iPads both Wi-Fi and 4G
  • 100’s and 100’s of matching devices
  • Bulk rental discount rates available
  • iPads will be fully charged

Customized Services

Keep it easy and let our technical team prep your iPads prior to delivery.

  • iOS software customization
  • App installation
  • System security settings
  • Wi-Fi credentials
  • Management through Meraki MDM

Why rent iPads?

People sometimes ask why rent iPads? While iPads have become more affordable, there’s the whole management of the equipment aspect that needs to be taken into account. Equipment management includes tracking inventory, updating software, handling shipping and returns, dealing with damaged iPads (like broken displays), technical support and the list goes on.

For short term events and projects the costs of ownership outweigh the cost of renting an iPad especially if you need to rent iPads in bulk for events and only need them a couple times a year. What would you even do with all of those iPads at the end of the event or at the end of their useful life? Now you can see why companies choose to rent iPads. Some good examples on why renting iPads from us are on the right.

If you need iPads for any of these types of events or just need to rent an iPad for a week, we’re just a phone call away. Besides having a large inventory, we’ve got all the accessories you could need and our iPad rental prices can’t be beat.

Where to rent an iPad?

There’s lots of choices out there on where you can rent iPads but when you an event or meeting where quality equipment, service, and competitive rates matter, you need a partner who has the inventory, 24/7 service to back it up and best rental price guarantee, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you doing a large tablet rollout and need even more management capabilities? We have the experience and resources in providing a Meraki mobile device management service that allows us (or you) the option to manage the rented iPads remotely. With Meraki you can see your entire inventory in real time, location tracking, 4G data usage, pushing Apps and so much more. We’ve used Meraki MDM to support various customers’ nationwide data collection projects.

With main distribution centers strategically located in ChicagoWashington DCNew York and Los Angeles you don’t have to go far to find us. In most cases we can provide next day delivery nationwide to your city.

When you need a technology rental provider who understands the importance of a short-term event or project and providing excellent customer service with competitive rental prices, please contact us at 888-520-5667. Can you rent an iPad? We only rent to businesses and organizations.

Can You Rent iPads?

iPads can be rented on a daily, weekly, monthly or longer basis from Hartford Technology Rentals.  From iPad Minis, to iPad Airs to iPad Pros, every iPad model can be rented.  They are in stock and ready to ship immediately.

Can I rent a tablet?

iPads are classified as tablet computers.  They, along with Samsung Galaxy Tablets and Microsoft Surface Tablets are available to rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Is renting an iPad a good idea?

Renting iPads is a terrific idea for short term situations such as trade shows, conferences or training sessions.  If you are someone who plans or attends meetings then renting is the best option for you.  It is much more economical to pay a small rental fee instead of spending hundreds of dollars for an iPad being used for a project.

Can I rent an iPad Mini?

You can rent an iPad Mini for a single day, a week or even a month.  iPad Mini rentals come with folio cases and the latest iOS from Apple.

Can I rent an iPad Pro?

You can rent an iPad Pro on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Each iPad Pro rental comes with the latest iOS from Apple and a protective folio case to keep your iPad rental safe.

How much does it cost to rent an iPad?

You can rent an iPad for as little as $19 per week if you are renting in bulk.  iPad rental pricing is based on the model and configuration of iPad and the duration of your rental.

Can I rent an iPad for a month?

You can rent an iPad for a month or even longer if your needs require.  You can rent an iPad for as little as a single day or for as long as necessary.

Can I rent an iPad for a week?

You can rent an iPad for a week or as long as necessary.  No length of time is too long or too short when renting an iPad.

What’s the difference between an iPad and an iPad Air?

The difference between an iPad and an iPad Air is the weight and thickness of each device.  The iPad Air is slightly thinner and lighter than a regular iPad.

Which iPad is the least expensive?

An earlier generation iPad or iPad Mini is the least expensive iPad.  The lower price will buy you an iPad with a processor that is a generation or two older and screen resolution that is slightly less than the most current iPads.  You will still be able to run the latest Apple iOS.

Which iPad is the best value for the money?

The latest generation of iPads have come down in price and currently represent the best value.  They include the Apple manufacturer’s warranty and current processors and video resolution.  When properly cared for you should expect five years of service from your new iPad.

Do I need cellular on my iPad to FaceTime?

You do not need cellular connectivity on your iPad to use FaceTime.  However, you will need Wi-Fi with a strong signal.  If the signal is not very strong the FaceTime app will frequently freeze during your conversation.

Is it worth getting cellular service on an iPad?

Cellular service on an iPad can be expensive based on how much data you are using.  However, if you are attempting to use your iPad in locations without a strong Wi-Fi signal then cellular service is definitely required.  If you can afford the monthly cost it is a very convenient feature to add to your iPad.

Does Apple sell refurbished iPads?

Apple does not sell refurbished iPads.

Does Rent a Center have tablets?

Rent a Center does sell tablets but their pricing model makes them very expensive to own.  A better option is to rent an iPad.