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Digital Standardized Testing Rental Solutions

Online Digital Standardized Testing Laptop Rental | Digitally Based Assessment Computer Rental

Online Standardized Testing & Digitally Based Assessment Technology

As technology continues to advance, schools are transitioning to online standardized testing and digitally based assessment technology. This shift from paper to digital has been made to increase efficiency and accuracy. However, this transformation requires specific equipment, including laptops, tablets, earbuds, headphones, and styluses. Without this technology, students would not be able to take the exams as intended. At Hartford, we are here to provide the necessary equipment for schools to make the transition to digital standardized testing a seamless process. From increased efficiency to immediate test results, the switch to digital testing is sure to benefit students and educators alike.

Schools are embracing a new era of testing as they make the transition from traditional paper tests to digital assessments. The trend started with standardized tests like the SAT, PSAT, and NMSQT, which are already digital or in the process of becoming entirely digital. Now, the use of digital in-school testing is becoming commonplace at all levels, from elementary school to high school. As technology continues to evolve, it’s no surprise that schools are keeping up with the times and embracing the benefits that digital testing provides. Our rental options make it easy for schools to access the technology required for standardized testing on computers, allowing students to focus on the content of the exam without worrying about whether they have the right equipment.

HTR’s Rentals Meets The Digital SAT/PSAT/NMSQT Device Requirements

Chromebook Rentals For Digital Standardized Testing

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PC Laptop For Digital In-School Testing

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Macbook Rentals For Digital Standardized Testing

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Renting iPads and Android Tablets for Online Standardized Testing

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As standardized testing moves to a digital realm, our company has taken the initiative to provide all the necessary computer equipment to help schools and administrators prepare for the SAT, PSAT, NMSQT, and other standardized tests. We understand the rigorous device requirements for these tests, so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Our company has researched and provided the necessary laptops, tablets, and styluses for the ultimate digital testing experience. You don’t have to worry about compatibility, reliability, or testing security, because our gear is approved and ready for use. If you’re looking to rent the right gear for digital in-school testing, come to us and we’ll provide all the right tools to help you plan a smooth digital testing experience for your students and staff.

Rent Preloaded Testing Software for Digital In-School Testing

Hartford understands that digital testing can present challenges when it comes to ensuring test results are accurate and free from cheating. That’s why we offer rentals of preloaded testing software, such as the Bluebook testing application, ProctorU, Respondus LockDown Browser, and Examity, which are designed to defend against students using AI and other cheating tactics. Our team works closely with software providers across the industry to ensure the software operates smoothly and that test results have integrity. Online proctoring software bundled with your hardware rental help ensure that the testing environment is secure and authentic. By renting our gear with preloaded testing software, you can feel confident that your students are being tested fairly and that your test results are accurate.

Device Set Up and On-Site Troubleshooting Services Included with Rental

We understand that setting up a digital testing environment can be a daunting and complicated task. That’s why we offer certified technicians around the country who are available to assist you in device set up and troubleshooting. Our professionals not only help you with equipment set up, but also offer onsite support to ensure that your digital testing runs smoothly. We understand the importance of having confidence in your equipment, and our team is dedicated to providing you with the support you need to make sure everything goes smoothly. When you rent equipment from us, know that you’ll have the peace of mind that our certified technicians are there to help set up and support you through any issues that may arise.

An Out-of-Box Rental Experience

At our company, we strive to offer an easy and hassle-free rental experience for schools that administer standardized tests. Our out-of-box rental option ensures that schools receive high-quality computers that are ready to use right out of the box. In addition to this, we provide custom imaging that allows each school to have their individual settings already installed on the computers before they arrive. Security options are also available to ensure that student data remains secure throughout the testing process. And with our remote management service, any technical issues that may arise during testing can be easily addressed and resolved right from our office. We understand the importance of having a seamless and stress-free testing experience, and we are committed to providing just that.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Testing

What are the digital SAT/PSAT device requirements for 2023 and 2024?

The College Board requires all devices to have BlueBook testing application installed on either a windows laptop, tablet, MacBook, iPad, or school managed Chromebook. The device must have reliable  internet connectivity. To ensure everything is ready ahead of exam day, BlueBook can download your test one to five days in advance and generate your admission ticket so you know you are ready ahead of time.

Do you also rent equipment for corporate testing?

Yes! We rent equipment for all kinds of use cases, including corporate testing and digital standardized testing.

What if I have an unexpected reduction or increase in class size?

If the quantity of your rental changes, do not worry! Our dedicated sales team works with all clients to ensure adequate quantities of equipment are sent to ensure a smooth testing experience. Just keep us updated on reductions or increases in class size and we will make sure you have all the equipment needed

Can we get spare equipment included? How does that work?

Absolutely. Our sales team works with you to ensure all orders come with adequate spare equipment in the event a device breaks or does not work as expected. Spares are included in education rental prices.

How does grading and recording test results work?

Once students hit submit to finalize a particular section of the test, it is submitted for grading. The College Board has insisted that with the new digital PSAT and digital SAT, scores will be delivered in a matter of days instead of weeks like the paper format.

Are there resources available to help with the transition to digitally based assessments?

Yes! The National Assessment of Educational Progress and College Board all have guides and pages dedicated to helping transition to digitally based assessments. You can also check out Hartford’s Digital SAT Device Requirements guide.

Standardized tests for virtual students

Homeschooled students will go through the same process as other students as testing centers for standardized testing are also going digital. International students began taking the digital SAT and PSAT in Spring 2023.

What is a “digital testing readiness check?”

Hartford recommends visiting the College Board Digital Testing Readiness Check guide to follow a comprehensive set of instructions to ensure a smooth digital testing experience.

Does Hartford Technology Rental provide accommodations for digital standardized testing?

Absolutely! Read our deep dive on “what you need to know” regarding accommodations for digital standardized testing in this blog post here.