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Laptop Rentals

Laptops with Windows!
PC Laptop Rentals
Starting at $35
Bulk Discounts Available!


14″ – 15.6″ Display
i5, i7
8GB – 16GB Memory
250GB – 512GB SSD


Typical Use:


Apple OSX!
Apple Laptop Rentals
Starting at $69
Bulk Discounts Available!


13.3″ – 16.2″ Display
i7, M1, M2, M3
16GB – 48GB Memory
250GB – 1TB SSD


Typical Use:
Work Applications
3D & Video Editing
User Conferences
Graphic Design


Great for Education!
Chromebook Rentals
Starting at $14
Bulk Discounts Available!


13.3″ – 15.6″ Display
4GB – 8GB Memory
32GB – 256GB SSD


Typical Use:
Digital Testing

Laptop Rentals

Choose your specs!
Custom Laptop Rentals! Build your own laptop specs to rent!
Starting at $39
Bulk Discounts Available!


14″ – 15.6″ Display
i5, i7, i9
8GB- 64GB Memory
250GB – 1TB SSD
Dedicated graphics available


Typical Use:
Work Applications
3D & Video Editing
Graphic Design

Want help choosing the right laptops to rent?

Whether you just want basic laptops in bulk rented quickly, or you have specific needs for your project, we can help with your laptop rentals! We have a large inventory and do short and long term rentals Nationwide! We have trained staff that can help you make the right choice. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and tell us about your needs!

Looking for something more particular?

Maybe you’re looking for more budget friendly Chromebook rentals, specific MacBook rentals, or you have an event/meeting that calls for 2 in 1 laptop/tablet rentals. We have more available than what’s listed above! Don’t forget your laptop accessory rentals. Take a look!

Picking the Best Laptop Rental Company

Renting a laptop is easy when you work with the best laptop rental company in the country. We stock a wide range of name brand laptops from companies like Apple, HP, Lenovo, Dell and MSI. But it’s not the brands that matter, it is the company that you rent from. At Hartford our tag line is “Not Just Equipment.” That means when you rent laptops from Hartford you have our entire team standing behind your order. You get the best customer service and support in the industry when your laptop rental comes from Hartford.

Customized Laptop Rental Service

When it’s time to find a technology rental partner for an upcoming meeting or event, it is important to consider the types of service available when renting laptops. At Hartford Technology Rentals, we offer support in every detail of your rental including options such as:

  • Unique backgrounds or wallpapers
  • Custom software imaging
  • Security settings
  • Wi-Fi credentials
  • Multiple user accounts

How much does it cost to rent a laptop?

At Hartford you can rent a laptop for as little as $39/week.  Of course the rental price varies depending on the features and specs that you are looking for.  If you need a top of the line gaming laptop you can expect to pay much more than you would for a low end laptop being used primarily for web surfing.

Rent a laptop for a week | Laptop rental service

Why rent laptops?

The option to rent a laptop for a week makes a lot of sense, especially when you need a lot of them.  Even if you have a lot of events, renting typically makes more sense vs. purchasing. Our laptop rental prices cannot be beat. Once you own equipment, you’ve just taken on the responsibility of maintaining and managing your fleet, say nothing of the monthly depreciation expenses you will have to cover. Don’t make the mistake of trying to manage and maintain technology equipment that you only need for a couple of large events every year. Customers that have tried this tell us that it never worked out the way that they had hoped. This is where Hartford Technology Rentals comes in! We have the expertise and the resources to service you with bulk laptop rentals. Leave it to us to maintain your specific software needs and handle all of the logistics. Some good examples of why customers rent large quantities of laptops include:

  • Large Association Meetings
  • Conferences & Conventions
  • Training Sessions
  • Esports and Gaming Events
  • Contract Employees
  • Peer Reviews
  • STEM Summer Camp Programs
  • Litigation Support
  • Other Corporate Special Events

If you need laptop rentals for any of these types of events or just need to rent a single laptop for a week, give us a call today. We’d love to hear about your project and share with you some ideas we know will have a big impact on your events and your bottom line.

Features in Laptop Rentals and Leases

When renting a laptop, features mean choices. And choices mean that you are getting exactly the right technology for you and the project you are undertaking. The most important laptop rental features to consider are:

Processor speed and generation – From the lowly i3 to the mighty i9 and everything in between.

Screen size – Our laptop rentals come with displays that vary from 11” to 17” in size.

Amount of memory – All of our laptops come with a minimum of 8G of RAM.  Many can be upgraded to 16 or 32G with some of the gaming units going to 64G RAM.

Amount of storage – We stock multiple storage options from 240G SSD all the way up to terabyte drives.

Amount of Video RAM – VRAM can be either shared or integrated. Depending on your application, we have both options available.

Is renting or leasing a laptop for your business a good idea?

If you are someone who is arranging a training class, gaming event or a legal review, then renting a laptop is definitely the best option for you. Short-term applications that only happen a few times a year make renting a much better option than purchasing. Events where technology is rapidly evolving such as e-sports tournaments are a perfect example of why renting makes a huge difference in your bottom line.

What is the best rental laptop for my small business?

The best rental laptop for a small business would have a 15” or larger display, a minimum of 8G RAM and at least 500GB of storage. At Hartford we only carry the top name brands like Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and MSI as they offer maximum durability and the best factory warranties.

When you need to rent a laptop turn to Hartford

We have been a premier technology rental provider for over 30 years.  We partner exclusively with businesses, organizations, agencies, meeting planners and trade show executives and know exactly what they need and understand the urgency with which it is required. Our dedicated team shares the vision of caring about your need and provides first class rental products twice verified prior to delivery. Our exceptional services will exceed your expectations.

Need to rent a laptop for a week near you? With distribution centers in Chicago, Washington DC, New York City and Los Angeles, we are just a phone call away. Our services include same day or next day delivery to most cities in the US, custom configuration, tech support and a 24 hour help line.

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You’ve picked out the best laptop rental for your need now make it even better with some of our related products and accessories. We carry a full range of accessories to compliment your order. Don’t see what you need, just add it to the comments of quick quote form.