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The right stage lighting rental package can make or break your event. Besides making sure your audience can see the presenters, lighting techniques are one of the easiest ways to attract attention, highlight what’s important or simply in creating a mood. We carry an ever-expanding inventory of lighting equipment rental options to help you achieve just the right ambience and clarity for your event. Let our expert team help design the best lighting solution for your next event whether it’s for a, meeting, new product launch, training session or opening session, we’ve got the perfect lighting rental package to fit your budget.

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Lighting Fixture Rental Types

There’s basically three different types of lighting fixtures that are used in making your speakers or performers look good on the stage.

Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight (ERS), is used to highlight specific subjects or stage areas with a relatively narrow beam angle. This light is best used for drawing attention to a person by using multiple units. ERS stage lights have adjustable focus and can have gobos placed in them to project patterns or logos.

Parabolic Reflectors (PAR) are lights that can cover large parts of the stage to fill in gaps that spotlights do not or to wash the entire stage. They normally do not have any sort of zoom or focus option, but come in a variety of lens types to get different beam angles. PAR lights are the most common type of stage light fixture as they provide the most coverage while being the most cost-effective.

Fresnel light fixtures are the middle ground between a PAR and an ERS. They will be able to zoom but not focus and usually cast a much softer light than an ERS. A Fresnel fixture is the best choice when hanging a fixture where you want to is not an option.

Moving Head light fixtures come in a range of options including; spot, wash, beam and hybrid. As their name suggests moving head light fixtures can move around the stage as well as change color and display gobo patterns.  They also have many more features depending on the manufacturer which makes this type of lighting fixture the most versatile.

Video Lights are light fixtures designed for video production.  These are different from photography lighting in that you need continuous flicker-free lights to capture the scene properly.  Video lights typically are bi-color which means you can adjust the color temperature of the lights.  Good video lights will also have a color rendering index of 95+ or higher.  A rating of 95+ or higher will give you a color fidelity so that skin tones don’t end up green or magenta.

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