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Computer, Laptop & iPad Rentals for Camps (Low Rental Rates)

Computer Rental for Summer Camps - HTR

Renting computer equipment for summer camps is one of the very best uses of technology rentals imaginable. Summer camps only last a few weeks and then are done until the following year.  By renting computer equipment for camps, you save precious financial resources and have access to the very latest computer equipment.

Renting Computers, Laptops & iPads for Summer Camps

These days kids have many options for summer activities. But Summer Camps remain one of the very most popular events a child can experience as they grow up. It wasn’t too long ago that the Summer Camp options were limited to cabins in the woods and various outdoor activities. While that option certainly has its place, these days kids have access to virtually any type of Summer Camp imaginable. Today Summer Camps focus of things like coding, tech skills, E-sports, space and most importantly, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Each of these specialized types of camps requires renting computers, laptops or iPads to provide a hands on learning experience for camp attendees.

The Right Technology For Your Summer Camp Program

Getting the right technology for your summer camp is crucial to the amount of learning and enjoyment that a camper will experience. Some camps require a very basic model of computer to learn things like word processing, web surfing or programs like email. But other types of summer camps require a more sophisticated computer with faster processing, more memory and increased storage.

STEM Computer Camp

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math camps require a robust computer that can handle complex computing tasks.  This computer would typically come with a minimum of 16G of RAM, plenty of storage and possibly even a dedicated graphics card to help with virtual reality or CAD applications.

Coding Camp

Learning computer coding is a very popular Summer Camp activity that typically requires a mid range desktop or laptop computer rental. To develop programs and apps to be used in the Apple environment a MacBook is necessary.

Computer Gaming Summer Camp

Esports and Gaming Summer Camps require highly specialized laptops or desktops to properly function. The most important component in a gaming computer is the graphics card. Second most important is the processor along with the amount of memory that is installed. At Hartford Technology Rentals, you can count on us to supply your Summer Gaming Camp with the very best computers available at a fraction of the cost of purchase.

Deciding Which Technology Your Camp Should Rent

Deciding which technology your camp should rent is crucial to the success and enjoyment of your program. At Hartford Technology Rentals we carry the largest selection of laptops, desktops, gaming computers, virtual reality and so much more. If you don’t need the latest greatest equipment, we also stock a huge selection of economically price gear to help you make sure that you stay within your budget. Whatever your Summer Camp needs, we have a solution that will work for you.

Summer Camp Desktop PC Rentals

Desktop PC Rentals for Summer Camps make a lot of sense if your learning environment is in a classroom type configuration. Many tech camps are held on college campuses and if you are doing an Esports or gaming camp then a desktop computer with large monitor is the perfect choice for your campers.

Summer Camp Laptop Rentals

The best laptop for STEM Camps is one with a late generation processor, lots of memory and a fair amount of storage to accommodate the variety of computer programs that the campers will be exposed to. At Hartford Technology Rentals we only stock the very best name brand laptop rentals like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple and MSI.

Summer Camp iPad Rentals

Many Summer Camps use iPads for check-in and registration purposes. iPad rentals for summer camp are a great way for your campers to have access to technology without being overwhelmed by expense or high end configurations.

Summer Camp Computer Kiosk Rentals

Kiosk rentals for Summer Camp are the perfect solution when it comes to registration and the dissemination of information. The kiosks are the perfect means of relaying schedule changes and other important information for your campers.

Summer Camp Wifi Rentals

Wifi rentals for Summer Camps are an essential part of tying the entire Summer Camp experience together. Wifi rentals allow campers to connect to the internet and communicate with other campers and the outside world.

HTR’s Computer & Technology Rental Solution For Camps

Summer Camp computer and technology rentals are a big part of our focus at Hartford Technology Rentals. We believe that children everywhere deserve an opportunity to learn about the marvels of technology and that there is no better place to start that journey than at a STEM Summer Camp. Here are a few reasons why you should rent Summer Camp technology from Hartford:

Large Rental Inventory For Camps

We have one of the largest inventories of laptops, desktops and monitors, gaming gear, virtual reality and so much more in the entire country. With Hartford you’ll get exactly what you need delivered where you need it anywhere in the country with a price that all of your campers can afford.

Experienced Camp Program Supplier

The fact is, you want to work with a company who understands the nature of Summer Camp rentals.  Hartford is that company. We have been renting computers to summer camps for many years and every year new camps give us a call. The best part is that once you rent from Hartford Technology Rentals you are likely to come back to us as your trusted rental partner year after year.

Unparalleled Service Tailored To Your Camp

We understand that the window of time that campers will spend at your facility is limited. That being the case, we also understand that everything needs to be right. With Hartford you have 24 hour access to our technical support and a dedicated team who will support your camp from the early planning stages all through the end of the summer. We are here for you and have been for over 30 years.

Onsite Spares For Your Camp

We all know that computers and other technology breaks down from time to time. In order to alleviate on site technical headaches, every Summer Camp rental includes spares at no additional charge on site and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Immediate replacements are just one of the ways that we help you achieve maximum up time for your campers.

Imaging Customized to Your Camp’s Needs

Every Summer Camp computer rental from Hartford Technology Rentals comes with your programs pre-installed. When you open the box and turn on your computer it will have everything loaded and ready to go. Your staff can focus on your campers and not worry about tech support.