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2020 is the year that everything changed. Nearly every large meeting and event has disappeared and been replaced by video conferencing apps and virtual meetings. When you need to host a virtual meeting, look to Hartford Technology Rentals for the gear you will need to make you look and sound your best. We carry a full line of cameras, microphones, lighting and terminal gear that can handle any size virtual meeting.

Because of the wide range of gear we carry, we have made renting for virtual meetings simple and easy by giving you streaming kits based on your need. Our virtual meeting kits cover a range of needs from simple mobile kits all the way up to executive-level kits that offer broadcast-quality livestreams. The best part is that no matter what option you choose, we have made sure the setup is super simple and includes everything you need along with a quick start guide that will have you up and running in a matter of minutes. Not only that, we have technicians standing at the ready to ensure your meeting goes perfect.

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*All kits have the option to add Verizon 4G service to ensure a stable Internet connection.

Our goal in designing these kits was to keep it simple by keeping connections to a minimum.  Our quick start guide will walk you through a few simple setup steps as well as outline optimum layouts.  Our presentation kits are shipped in custom Pelican cases and can be overnighted anywhere in the US.  They also include prepaid return shipping labels for hassle-free shipping.

Our easy setup virtual meeting rental kits will make hosting your next virtual meeting rental look and sound like it was done by a professional engineer.  On top of that, the pricing is surprisingly affordable with rental rates as low as $99 and you can have your kit delivered quickly and inexpensively.  When you are ready to talk about your next virtual meeting rental, please call us at 888-520-5667.

Hosting a Virtual Meeting 101

Hosting a virtual meeting or event can seem like a daunting task if your new to it.  To ensure a successful event, you need to first have a good plan.  Some things to think about;

  • Identify the goals and objectives of the meeting.  Why are you hosting a virtual meeting and what do you hope to achieve?  The better you can define your goals, the better it will be in developing a successful event.
  • What is the format of your event?  Is it a speaker or a panel of speakers talking to an audience or do you want the audience to participate?  Answering this will help in determining the technology needs.
  • What is your budget?  Knowing your budget will help you assess where you can spend a little extra or cutback on certain aspects.  You should also plan to hold back a percentage of the budget for unknown last minute expenses that may arise.
  • What AV equipment will you need?  This is where a large percentage of your budget will go.  The technology used for virtual meetings is the main component and one you don’t want to skimp on.  This is where an experienced event company like Hartford can help.  We’re great a listening and can help you select the right technology for your event and we’ll walk you through the details and will be by your side the entire time.
  • Make sure you have the right content for the meeting.  Whether it’s created in-house or by a third party, make sure you connect them with your AV partner to ensure that the content will be displayed correctly during the event.
  • Prior to the Event.  It never hurts to rehearse a virtual event.  Also during the run up to the event, make sure you designate a way for everyone to communicate during the event either through a chat room or other application so that everyone involved in the production can be in constant contact with each other.
  • During the Event.  Time to clean up that messy room and make sure your surroundings are comfortable and welcoming.  Virtual backdrops can also be considered but as the technology isn’t quite precise, it’s better if your surroundings are natural and inviting.

What about the technology?


When it comes to video you’re talking about the cameras.  We carry a range of cameras from built-in cost-effective models all the way up to broadcast-quality cameras that provide excellent image quality even in low light.


While video quality is important, audio quality is even more important.  If a live stream video stutters, it might be OK as long as the audio quality remains high.  When you have a high-level meeting or event, we recommend professional-grade microphones.  We carry a range of Shure wireless microphones and mixing equipment that can handle multiple sources and provide the highest level of audio quality.


Encoders will compress the video stream without compromising the quality which is important for high profile meetings.  They’ll also reduce the file size which will reduce buffering during streaming and allow you to convert the video to be compatible for the service you want to use.


The last and most important aspect of a successful live stream is the service to use.  While popular video conferencing services like Zoom are great for meetings, if you’re trying to reach an audience across the globe, you’ll want to look into a content delivery network (CDN).  A CDN is made up of a network of servers in various locations around the world.  With global attendees, CNDs will create the shortest route for video streams.  Benefits include; speed, quality and security.

There’s a lot to think about if your intending on having a high-level virtual meeting or large-scale event.  While it may sound overwhelming, our team of experienced sales and technical personnel at Hartford is here to help and make this process easy for you.

If you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen.  Give us a call at 888-520-5667 and let’s chat.

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