RFID Badge Printer Rentals

RFID Badge Printer Rentals

Take your attendee badges to the next level with RFID technology.  RFID badge printers you can accurately print and encode RAIN RFID name badges on demand.  Take a look at our current lineup of RFID badge printers for rent.

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Why use RFID Name Badges?

At any event or trade show, the attendees are the heart and soul. Understanding their experience can pave the way to better future events. Leveraging passive, unobtrusive tools like RFID portals and fixed readers enables instantaneous tracking. Curious about the benefits of RFID name badges for event organizers? Here are three essential benefits that will increase engagement at your next big gathering.

Attendee Tracking

Utilizing attendee tracking can offer invaluable real-time insights to enhance the experiences of both attendees and exhibitors alike. By observing the patterns of attendee traffic, you can gain a deeper understanding of what sparks attendee interest, ultimately optimizing the flow and direction of movement throughout the event.  The data that can be collected is:

  • Registration ID of attendee
  • Location of the attendee
  • Date and time
  • Duration of stay: both with the event as a whole and in specific areas
  • Direction of travel both in and out

Breakout Session Attendance Tracking

Trade shows are packed with exciting sessions, seminars, luncheons, and CEU/CME certification classes that attendees can pre-register for. And if your attendees are looking to earn CEU/CME certifications, attendance to this type of training is often mandatory. That’s where RFID event attendee tracking system can come in handy, allowing event organizers to keep track of mandatory attendees and ensure they get the most out of their experience.

Access Control

When hosting an event, you want to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Special sessions, luncheons, or exclusive events can add great value to the attendee experience, but managing them can be logistically challenging. By using RFID name badges, you can easily manage entry to these events and ensure only registered and paid attendees are allowed in. With RFID portals displaying confirmation messages, you can avoid overcrowding and provide a seamless experience to your guests.

Want to Learn More About RFID Name Badges?

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