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Gaming Laptop Rentals

Whether you need to rent a gaming laptop for a week or several for a gaming event, Hartford can help. We have a large quantity of gaming laptop rental models to choose from that are VR ready and gamer approved. Our gaming laptops for rent feature NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX and RTX graphics cards that offer more than enough power to meet the demands of all virtual reality HMDs along with pairing well if you need a powerful laptop to view 360 camera content while at the shoot.

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Rent a Gaming Laptop

Rent gaming laptops from name-brand, gamer approved manufacturers. Our large inventory, unbeatable rates make hosting virtual reality exhibits or gaming events possible and affordable. If you’re renting a gaming laptop, we know you’re looking for a powerful laptop. Our gaming laptops feature Intel core i7 and i9 processors, NVIDIA GTX and RTX graphics cards, a decent amount of RAM and plenty of storage available. We also use models that have proven cooling technology to ensure smooth uninterrupted performance. Go ahead and push them. Not only do our gaming laptop rentals offer extreme performance, they’re futuristic design and custom lighting options offer a cutting-edge look.

All of our gaming laptops are VR certified for any headset in the market today. In fact our gaming laptops exceed most recommended requirements. Oh yeah. We also offer a full line of VR headsets. Bundle a headset with a gaming laptop and save extra. We’ll also preload the headset software so you’re ready to go.

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When you rent a gaming laptop, you might find yourself needed some additional accessories like a virtual reality headset or a gaming headset. Whatever it is you need if you don’t see it listed on our site, please add what you’re looking for in the comments section of our quick quote form.

Features on Gaming Laptops

We have a wide range of gaming laptop rental configurations and can further customize for your specific needs.

  • Intel i7 & i9 processors
  • 16GB to 64GB RAM configurations
  • NVIDIA GTX and RTX graphics cards
  • Experienced in Esports events
  • External programmable gaming mouse
  • Quality back-lit keyboards

The Hartford Difference

Did you know that a lot of other rental companies rent gaming laptops from us to rent to you? Cut out the middleman save money and take advantage of all that we offer:

  • Best gaming laptop rental rates offering Daily/Weekly/Monthly terms
  • Keep a level playing field with same model gaming laptops
  • Software customization
  • Experienced in Esports events
  • 24/7 technical support with onsite tech support available
  • Ask about our multi-event discounts
  • Nationwide delivery

Rent Gaming Laptops 101

We’ve spent a lot of time researching many gaming laptops for rent along with discussing quality gaming laptops with experienced gamers. Our question was what makes a good gaming laptop? Since most gamers push their laptops to the extreme, you need quality laptop can more than handle everything that you throw at it.

You want to find gaming laptops made by a manufacturer understands the demands gamers put on laptops and uses quality components. Components to look for are:

  • Processor with at least four cores
  • The latest graphics card
  • Fast RAM at least 16GB
  • Solid state storage
  • Higher end networking cards
  • Ports such as USB3.0, Thunderbolt, Type C, HDMI, DisplayPort, Ethernet

Screens come is many different sizes from 13” up to 18.4”. In general, the larger the screen, the more weight and less battery life.  After you determine the size that’s right for you, you’ll want at least 1080p resolution with fast refresh rates and response times.

For gaming you’ll be using that keyboard a lot.  You want a keyboard that has a good tactile feedback. Backlit models are best and being able to change the color of the back lighting is a big plus.  Another plus is a separate numeric keypad which is typically available on 15” or 17” gaming laptops.

To have a truly immersive gaming experience, don’t forget about the audio. You want a gaming laptop that provides 360 surround virtualization.

Pushing laptops to their limits will create heat and if you want an uninterrupted gaming experience, you need a laptop that has a good means for moving heat. Look for laptops that have a well thought out air flow plan. These will include things like adequate number of heat pipes, more than one fan (the quieter the better) and good vent ports.

When you want a mobile gaming solution, weight is a factor. On average gaming laptops range from 4 – 8lbs. The screen size will be a big part in determining the weight.

When customers need to rent gaming laptops for their virtual reality exhibits or gaming tournaments they turn to Hartford Technology Rental. One of the reasons is the quality of the gaming laptop choices we provide.

For gaming events big or small, we’ve got you covered.  Our gaming laptop rental equipment is well-cared for and we’ll ensure the OS and graphic cards are up-to-date with the latest updates and drivers.  All of our gaming laptops ship in hard cases with foam interiors.

Where can I rent a gaming laptop?

The answer is anywhere in the USA but we only rent to businesses and organizations.  We do not rent to consumers.  Our main distribution centers are located in ChicagoWashington DCNew York and Los Angeles. We typically can provide same day delivery in our main metro areas and can deliver next day nationwide.

When you need a technology provider who understands gaming, a partner who is focused on providing excellent customer service with competitive gaming laptop rental prices, please contact us at 888-520-5667 or online. Getting a quote is fast and easy.