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Whether you’re a tradeshow organizer or an exhibitor planning your exhibit you’re going to want to talk to us as we’ve got what you need and at rates that will save your budget.

For Tradeshow Organizers

As an event organizer, you are responsible for delivering value to your exhibitors who have invested a considerable amount of resources in attending and exhibiting. We understand this obligation, which is why we provide unbeatable rates on full-service technology rental solutions – no need to worry about inflated rates! On top of that, we can reward organizers with commission fees based on the orders generated from show participants – all while keeping our gear affordable. Put simply: by partnering with us at your events, not only do you aid exhibitors in securing valuable equipment at competitive rates; but also earn attractive rewards along the way!

So what value do you get by partnering with HTR?
There’s quite a bit of actually and we’ll list a few of the benefits right here.

Trade Show Booth Rental: Display Types, Costs, Options
  • First and foremost you get a dedicated team that has a service-above-all-else attitude and is available 24/7.  You can rest assured your exhibitor customers will be well taken care of giving you the time to focus on other aspects of the event.
  • Exhibitor order form and online ordering option to make it easy for exhibitors to place orders.
  • We offer a very wide range of gear which is basically everything on our website.
  • Very competitive “show” rates, not these daily rates that can get confusing.
  • We offer discounts for advanced ordering.
  • Fair cancellation policy.
  • Onsite staff for the duration of the exhibit hall from setup to strike to ensure all exhibitors have access to technical support.
  • Spare equipment and just in case odds and ends will be available onsite.

Event Lead retrieval systems

Lead Retrieval Systems

Complete your exhibitor hall with our lead retrieval rentals.  Lead retrieval systems are a must-have for events and is one of the main reasons why exhibitors buy space on the exhibit floor. Our lead retrieval rental options allows exhibitors to collect contact information from attendees who visit their booths or attend their presentations.

Lead retrieval systems can be used in a variety of ways, but the most common method is through a badge scanning system. Attendees are given a badge or a QR code that contains their contact information, and exhibitors can scan the badge or code using a handheld scanner or a smartphone. The information is then captured and stored in a database, which can be accessed by the exhibitor to follow up with leads after the event.

Lead retrieval systems can also be integrated with other event registration technologies, such as event apps or registration software. This allows exhibitors to track leads in real time and manage their follow-up activities more efficiently.

Using a lead retrieval system has several benefits for both exhibitors and event organizers. For exhibitors, it provides an efficient and organized way to collect contact information from potential customers, which can lead to increased sales and business opportunities. For event organizers, it provides a value-added service to exhibitors, which can help attract more exhibitors and sponsors to the event.

Lead retrieval systems come in different forms, ranging from simple badge scanning systems to more sophisticated solutions that integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems. The choice of lead retrieval system will depend on the size and complexity of the event, as well as the needs and budget of the exhibitor.

Besides lead retrieval, you might have also heard the term lead capture and think they are the same.  They are not.  With lead retrieval, the organizer controls the lead retrieval data and how much of that data you get.   With lead capture, only you are involved in the lead data collection process.  While you might get more data, it is more cumbersome as it involves taking a photo of a business card or manually filling out a form.  In contrast lead retrieval data collection is as fast as scanning a code on an attendee’s badge.  Because of the time savings, it is why lead retrieval is most commonly used.

For Exhibitors

When it comes to promoting your business at a tradeshow or exhibition, having the right trade show equipment rental gear can make all the difference. Trade show displays are particularly effective at catching the attention of passers-by and drawing them into your booth. However, purchasing and transporting such equipment can be costly and impractical. Not to mention the convention center will charge you storage fees for the flight cases.  That’s where technology equipment rental companies come in. Renting large screen displays and other tech equipment allows you to showcase your brand in a professional and impressive manner without breaking the bank. It also gives you access to the latest technology without the hassle of maintenance and upgrades. By renting tech equipment for your tradeshow booth, you can focus on making a lasting impression on potential customers and leave the rest to the professionals.

Tips for choosing the right equipment for your booth.

Event Monitor Setup

Tradeshow Exhibit Monitor Setup

The display is one of the single most important pieces of technology that can really have an impact on your booth.  When choosing between different display rentals size matters.

There is thing such as too big.  You wouldn’t want to rent a 98” display to be put into a 10×10 booth as there wouldn’t be any room for you.  Ideally you’ll want the monitor to fit your space.  For example a 43” monitor is a great size for a 10×10 booth.  Larger booths can afford to use larger monitors. 

When it comes to placement, the monitor you choose should be set at around eye level so your content can be easily seen.  Monitors that are sitting on a table tend to be often overlooked.   You also may want to consider angling the monitor towards the area that receives the most foot traffic as that will give the greatest chance for your message to be seen.  Speaking of message, it’s ultimately the message on the trade show monitor displayed that will catch their attention and drive traffic to your booth.  Make sure the content you create is designed to get people walking by to stop and take notice.  You’ll only have a couple of seconds to make a first impression.  Make those seconds count.

Event Computer Setup

Tradeshow Booth Computer Setup

If you look at our website you’ll notice we own a lot of computers and laptops for rent.  We even carry a range of gaming gear.  One thing you should consider when planning your computer setup for your booth is the role the computer will play.  If you’ll be using the computer for simply playing a looped presentation on a monitor, you probably should look for small computers like our tiny PC rental lineup.  These are very small and you can have your trade show set up company mount it behind the displays for a nice clean look and can free up that precious space in your booth. If you’re going to be demoing software at a station and the computer will be front and center, make sure it shows quality and has more power than you need to ensure a successful demo.

Event Sound System

Tradeshow Exhibit Booth Sound System Setup

If you’re planning on renting a sound system for your booth, before ordering please make sure to consult your exhibitor manual and understand what you can and cannot do with sound at your booth.  A lot of events have restrictions on how loud and what types of sound systems you can use.  Let us know the restrictions and not only can we recommend the right audio system, we can also put adjustment labels on the gear so you’ll know what your limits are and avoid having anyone stop at your booth asking you to adjust your sound levels.

Event Wireless Internet

Tradeshow Wireless Internet Rental

One of the biggest price-gouging costs at exhibit halls is Internet service.  It’s truly remarkable what some centers charge.  We provide a range of 4G LTE and 5G wireless Internet gear that can support from 1 up to 50 devices with both wired and wireless connectivity.  The best part is our temporary Wi-Fi hotspot rentals are a fraction of the cost.  One more thing.  If convention centers or their contracted Wi-Fi partner try to block our Wi-Fi solutions, it’s against the law.  The FCC has ruled that any persons or businesses causing intentional interference are subject to enforcement action.  The FCC has already fined a hotel chain and provider for blocking Wi-Fi hotspots.

Ready To Talk?

We’re ready to listen.  Give us a call at 888-520-5667 or contact us online.  Our event specialists are looking forward to discuss your needs.