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Laser Projector Rentals | HTR
We carry laser projector rental models from 4,000 lumens up to 30,000.  Once thought of as science fiction, laser projectors are fast becoming the standard in projector technology for a lot of reasons.  Here’s just a few:

  • Laser projectors use 3 individual red, green, blue lasers that achieve higher performance in image quality parameters such as color gamut, contrast ratio and dynamic range.
  • Laser projectors require less maintenance.
  • They last significantly longer than traditional projector lamps (most last 20,000 hours compared to an average of 3,000 hours).
  • Laser technology offers near instant on/off with full brightness.
  • Laser projectors are inherently far more reliable while standard projector lamps have unpredictable lamp life.
  • Brightness decay in traditional bulbs degrades significantly quicker than laser technology which is more linear. This is especially useful when edge blending multiple projectors.

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Interested in renting a laser projector?  Fill out our quick quote request or give us a call today at 888-520-5667 for presentation projector rentals. We ship nationwide and we carry a range of lenses for our 8K and 12K projectors to meet your needs.