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Stand and deliver with the latest in podium rental options. Most people are familiar with the traditional style podiums and lecterns that include; wooden lectern rentals, acrylic podium rentals and even black truss lectern rentals with large screen monitors attached.  For many presenters you get the podium, add a microphone and then put your laptop on top.  In the end it looks like a mess.  To avoid the clutter and elevate your next presentation we carry state-of-the-art digital podium rentals that are packed with all the technology you need.  They even include cup holders.  With all of the tech integrated, setup is a breeze and makes connecting to projectors and sound systems easy.

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Our digital podiums for rent include the following integrated technology:

  • Presenter PC with 22” multi-touch screen
  • Creapen Annotation Software
  • Shure gooseneck microphone
  • 5” Speaker clock and timer
  • Samsung 43” front screen


Let’s take a birds-eye view look at what the presenter sees. The digital podium is packed with so many feature it even includes 2 cup holders.


Connectivity to projectors and sound systems is a breeze with ports located at the bottom of the podium with a side exit.


The digital podium has an integrated 1 touch speaker timer and clock


The digital podium rental includes CreaPen annotation software.  Creapen is an extremely simple yet powerful screen annotation and recording software. You can easily write on top of any other application that is currently active on the desktop, even on a running video. You can then save your annotations as an image file or even record the whole session as a video for sharing. It is a useful tool for presenters to communicate and share ideas during a live session, for educators to create effective video tutorials and for salespeople to create impressive video presentations.


With the Samsung QM43R on the front of the digital podium, you can engage customers with lifelike images through 4K resolution.  This is a perfect way to add custom branding that changes with the presenters.

  • Embedded MagicInfo Player S4 media player
  • Display streamed content wirelessly
  • UHD upscaling


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