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Do you need av presentation equipment for your next conference, meeting or event? We offer short-term presentation rentals like speaker signaling and timer systems for any sized event. These event staging tools give av professionals the confidence to seamlessly manage on-stage presentations.

A light and sound signaling system rental allows presenters to easily send signals to the AV team using a wireless transmitter or remote-controlled presentation software. The professional-grade signaling system ensures that the show runs flawlessly.

When it is vital to keep event speakers on time, there is no better solution that renting an automated speaker timer system from us! With programmable time modes and versatile cue options, the presenter knows when time is running out. These speaker timer system rentals enable meeting and event presentations to stay on track and on time.

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Hartford Technology Rental offers a variety of industry-standard presentation equipment rentals to meet the needs of AV technicians. We provide professional setup, onsite support and on-time delivery wherever you need it.  Plus, we offer affordable presentation rental rates (daily, weekly and monthly).

When you are ready to partner with an experienced AV company, give us a call at 888-520-5667 or request a free quote now.