Smartphone Rentals

Smartphone Rentals

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Rent a Phone
Does your staff need to rent cell phones for a short-term project or upcoming event? Hartford Technology Rental can help. We offer the best short term cell phone rental rates in the USA. You can rent a cell phone for a day, a week, a month or even longer. Our rental rates have no hidden costs or clauses, and we offer accidental damage coverage.

Choose a WiFi only phone rental or jump onto our cellular plan on the nation’s most reliable network carrier, Verizon Wireless. Our cellular plans include unlimited talk and text along with data. All cell phone rentals are delivered to your location with a case, the latest operating software installed, activated and ready to go. If you need a worldwide service plan, we have some of the best international cell phone rental rates no matter where your business or event takes you.

Hire smartphones to highlight an app demo at an event. We can preload your experience and provide onsite technical support for the duration of the event to ensure a successful event. Cell phone rentals of your choice!

Choose from a wide selection of iPhone rental models and Samsung Galaxy rental models. We stock many generations including the latest models and in large quantities to handle bulk cell phone rentals for conferences and events. We have 100s in stock.
iPhone 12, 14, 15 | Samsung Galaxy S21, S23, S24

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Besides all the Apps that are available for smartphones, you might find that you need some accessories to order as well. Maybe you need something with a larger screen like a tablet. We carry all kinds of accessories such as Square card readers, printers and more. Can’t find what you need? Simply add what you’re looking for in the comments section of our quick quote form.

Features of renting cell phones from Hartford

What sets us apart from our competition?

  • Best Daily/Weekly/Monthly cell phone rental prices
  • All models of iPhones and Galaxy phones
  • 100’s and 100’s of matching phones
  • Bulk smartphone rental discount rates
  • Phones will be fully charged

Custom Services

Keep it easy and let our technical team prep your phones prior to delivery.

  • OS software customization
  • App installation
  • System security settings
  • Wi-Fi credentials
  • Management through Meraki MDM

Why rent cell phones?

People sometimes ask why rent cell phones? With cell phone prices continuing to creep up, with some models $1,000 or more it can be hard to justify purchasing a cell phone for short term needs. Also if you need a lot of them, there’s the whole management of the equipment aspect that needs to be taken into account as well. On top of all of this, a new smartphone is announced every 12 months making last year’s model not the latest and greatest phone.

For short term events and projects it’s much easier and less expensive to rent a phone for a week than it is to own one.

Where to rent a cell phone?

There’s lots of choices out there on where you can rent smartphones but when you have an event or meeting where meeting deadlines, quality equipment, service, and competitive rates matter, you need a partner who has the inventory, 24/7 service to back it up and best smartphone rental price guarantee in the business, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you assembling a large team across the country for a data collection project and need a good way to remotely manage your smartphones and tablets? We have the experience and resources in providing a Meraki mobile device management service that allows us (or you) the option to manage the rented cell phones remotely. With Meraki you can see your entire inventory in real time, location tracking, 4G data usage, push Apps and so much more. We’ve successfully used Meraki MDM to support various customers’ nationwide projects.

Our main distribution centers are located in ChicagoWashington DCNew York and Los Angeles.  We typically can provide same day delivery in our main metro areas and can deliver next day nationwide.

When you need a technology rental provider who understands the importance of a short-term event or project and providing excellent customer service with competitive cell phone rental prices, please contact us at 888-520-5667. If you’re wondering; can I rent a cell phone? Unfortunately we only rent to businesses and organizations.