Flex Rent Solution

Flex Rent Solution

The legal staffing industry is a fast-paced environment where last minute document reviews are a normal occurrence. Hartford has worked with many of the top legal staffing companies around the country and we know the drill. It goes a little something like this.

At 4:45 p.m., a request for equipment will come in for a review starting the next day. We deliver and setup the equipment either after hours or early morning. At project completion, we pick up the equipment and repeat this cycle for the next project and the next, and the next. Starting to see the issue? We’ve developed a better way to handle your legal staffing rental needs that saves you time, money and gives you cat-like reflexes to respond quicker.

Introducing Flex-Rent – a better way to rent.

How It Works

What’s Included?

Flex-Rent is a full-service rental solution eliminating the need for full-time IT staff. We’ll handle all the hardware and software of the workstations including:

Flex-Rent Advantages

When you put our Flex-Rent solution at the center of your business strategy, a more streamlined approach in handling your technology needs begins. Want to learn more? Contact us today at 888-520-5667.