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Legal Staffing Rental - HTR
Legal Staffing Rental – HTR

In the legal staffing industry, things happen last minute. Law firms want a staffing company that can deliver quality solutions within short timeframes. By partnering with Hartford at least your technology worries are over.

What sets us apart? Hartford has extensive experience in supporting legal staffing rental solutions nationwide. We have taken this experience and developed a system of processes that allow us to respond quicker than any other rental company in the industry. We differentiate ourselves from our competition by implementing proactive solutions rather than reactive ones.

Customized your way

Do you need shortcuts added to your desktop or need to implement web restrictions? Citrix or RDP configured? No problem. Prior to imaging the workstations, our team will work with you to ensure all of your specific requirements are met.


We implement a secure workstation environment to deter data theft. All workstations are secured by:

  • Password Protected BIOS
  • Separate Administrator Account
  • USB ports locked down
  • Web Restrictions
  • Data Encryption Available


Leave it to us to install the workstations. Our trained technicians will ensure that the equipment is set in an optimal manner. We will ensure all power strips are out of the way and all cabling is neatly organized and taped down.

Looking for something even better?

Not only do we offer the traditional computer rental solution, we also offer newer solutions that allow for easier management, greater flexibility and quicker response time to changing requirements.

Cloud Rental

Want to completely streamline the management of your reviewer workstations from your browser? We’ve got that too. Check out our Cloud Rental solution.

Desktop Streaming Rental

Not interested in cloud computing but still want a streamlined management solution? Take a look at our desktop streaming rental solution that can extend the useful life of your current workstations while enhancing the management of multiple document reviews and different review tools.

Like what you hear? Our technical sales representatives will be happy to discuss your needs further and provide you some ideas that our current clients tell us reduced their costs and increased their level of service. Call us today at 888-520-5667 or online.

It’s Friday at 4:45 PM and your client just called and said they need people, space and technology for a large project that has to commence on Monday at 8:00 AM. Can you handle it? You can if you use Hartford.