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Apple Mac Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Rent Apple products from Hartford Technology and we'll deliver the most powerful computers and laptops with an intuitive OS that allows users to unleash their creativity and make the impossible possible. When you need Apple rentals, look no further than Hartford Technology Rental.

Apple Rentals - Ideal for Projects & Events

We'll rent Apple products to you in bulk or single quantities to suit your project or event needs. Maybe you’re in the creative business and could benefit from a mac rental but purchasing isn’t in the budget. Renting a Mac Pro for a short time to give you the unprecedented power you need to create your next masterpiece is financially feasible with Hartford.

Hartford Tech can help you build a custom rental solution to fit your event or business. Check out our Event Technology Solutions and we can help you get started on renting iPads in bulk, computers for specific jobs, or more. With Hartford, that’s a possibility too.

Which Apple Rental is Right for You?

iPad Rental iPad Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

We were one of the first companies to rent iPads. Now, we have iPads for rent of every generation, including Verizon 4G iPad rental models to the latest iPad Air 2 rental and iPad Mini 3 rental.

iPhone Rental iPhone Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Rent the iPhone X with its dramatic design changes or the new generation iPhone 8 and 8 Plus with its true tone display feature and powerful performance. Don’t need the latest iPhone? We also rent iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6 and 6 Plus. Perfect for Corporate Events & Meetings.

MacBook Rental MacBook Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

MacBook rental features a durable uni-body enclosure, Multi-Touch track pad and energy-efficient design. We also offer MacBook Pro rentals and the ultra-light MacBook Air rental.

iMac Pro Rental Rent iMac Pro | HTR

The iMac Pro is a convergence of the design of an iMac and the power of a MacPro. Our iMac Pro rental rates can’t be beat. We guarantee it. From 8 core models all the way up to 18 cores, choice of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB and either 8GB or 16GB graphics we’ve got what you need.

iMac Rental iMac Rental

Take the power of a desktop, merge it with the ultra-thin design of an iPad, and there you have the iMac. We carry the newest iMac rental that is simply stunning to look at, and has the latest generation of Intel processors and faster graphics.

Mac Pro Rental Mac Computer Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

When your desktop computing needs require an Apple Mac Pro rental, count on Hartford to deliver. We carry the latest MacPro desktop (which actually performs more like a server) and can customize it to meet your specifications.

Mac Mini Rental Mac Mini Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Mac Mini Rentals are great for small spaces. Don’t let the size fool you. The Mac Mini is a portable powerhouse providing quad-core processors, fast graphics and high-speed connectivity.

Thunderbolt Display Rental Thunderbolt Display Rental - Hartford Technology Rental

Compliment your Mac Pro rental with a Thunderbolt display rental. The no-compromise Thunderbolt display is the perfect monitor for when you need more room to work.