iMac Rental

When you need the power of a desktop with the ultra-thin design of an iPad, rent an iMac. Our Apple iMac inventory is stocked with the 21.5″ Core i5 processor with Thunderbolt display to the 27″ Quad Core, 5K Retina display model. These iMac rentals are stunning to look at, and offer the latest generation of Intel processors and faster graphics.



Apple iMac Rental Lineup for businesses and events

Hartford Technology is a nationwide provider of Apple iMac rentals. Our iMac rental lineup includes models from the 21.5″ Core i5 model to iMacs with the latest generation Intel processors, Thunderbolt I/O and gorgeous 27″ display in a razor thin design.

Are you in the creative field and need to rent an Apple iMac for an upcoming project but don’t have the budget to purchase? Look no further than Hartford Technology. We offer a very affordable way to get the equipment you need by renting an iMac rather than purchasing. We can also help you rent Apple iMacs for student summer camps and events that focus on graphic design.

Interested in learning more about iMac rental? Give us a call at 888-520-5667 or complete our online quote form.