Panasonic 12,000 Lumens Laser Projector Rental

Delivering 12,000 lumens in a very compact and lightweight body that offers flexible installation options. Great for auditoriums and museums. Multiple lens options available.



When you have to showcase a presentation at a large event at an auditorium or convention center, you need a projector that has powerful functionality and delivers stunning picture quality. Since you only get one chance you need it to be reliable. Hartford Technology Rental has the perfect product – Panasonic 12K Laser Projector Rental.

The Panasonic laser projector has a compact and lightweight body while offering high-picture quality and brightness. The vivid picture quality is due to the 3-Chip DLP imaging plus Panasonic’s Solid Shine Laser technology found in the PT-RZ12K projector. The solid-state laser light sources and independent DLP chips for red, green and blue guarantees the projector’s brightness, color accuracy and contrast.
Additionally, the Pure Color Control function independently controls the light intensity of yellow coloring. This functionality delivers rich overall color expression while maintaining brightness.

The Panasonic 12K Laser Projector rental allows for vertical, horizontal and titling 360-degree projection, one of the unique features of the PT-RZ12K projector. Plus, multiple lens options are available with this projector.

When you need a reliable projector offering bright, vivid picture quality, we recommend renting the Panasonic 12K laser projector. Our Sales team is available to answer your projection questions and can walk you through the rental process. Give us a call at 888-520-5667 to get a free laser projector rental quote!