Optoma Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projector Rental

Great for meeting rooms, this laser projector offers an ultra-short throw 4,000 lumens 100” full 1080p image from only 13 inches away! No more blocking the aisle.



Do you present in meeting rooms where the projector needs to be placed in the aisle with a bunch of cables on the floor, blowing out heat to the people next to it while obstructing other audience member’s view?  If so, it’s time to clear the aisle in your meeting room and Hartford Technology Rental has exactly what you need. We are now renting the Optoma 4K Laser Projector.  At a mere 13? away from the screen, the Optoma can display a 100? full HD 1080p image and at 4,000 lumens you can leave the lights on.

The Optoma Laser Projector rental offers rich color and deep black levels that surpass traditional lamp-based projectors and its laser solid-state light source provides 20,000+ hours of battery life for maintenance-free operation.  The advantages of laser phosphor technology over traditional lamp-lit projectors give presenters piece of mind and a quality picture.  Lamp-lit projector bulbs can have an un-reliable lifespan and who wants to be in the middle of a presentation when a traditional lamp burns out?  On top of that, laser projectors offer a much brighter image since their brightness degradation is more linear while the brightness on lamp-lit projectors falls off a cliff at 50%.

Renting the ultra-short throw laser projector allows presentations to transition from external sources seamlessly with its PC-Free USB Media Player which supports playback of video and audio files along with images and presentations shared directly from any USB device.

If your next presentation has to go without a hitch and you want your presentation visuals bright and text sharp, consider an Optoma projector rental with its laser phosphor technology. Our experienced Sales team is ready to assist you so give us a call at 888-520-5667 to learn more about renting a 4K laser projector today.