Workplace Technology: A Blessing and a Curse?

Workplace Technology: A Blessing and a Curse?

A recent workplace study from ADP Research Institute of 2,403 employees found employees both treasure and fear technology. Treasure it because technological advances in the workplace are viewed as putting them in greater control of their own career path and feared because of the risk that those same advances will replace their jobs.

Survey Highlights

90% of employees believe technology will allow for deeper connections across distances and save time. For example, with collaborative tools such as, Microsoft Office 2016, employees can view, discuss and take notes on the same presentation, no matter where they are located.

89% wish to work for an employer that can tap into their personal interests or move toward Corporate Sustainable Responsibility (CSR) practices.

82% desire to define their own work schedule

60% believe a standard retirement age (i.e. 65 years old) will cease to exist

45% fear jobs will be lost for those individuals that complete repetitive work

In addition, job security is no longer expected by employees. They feel their professional network and relationships on the job within and outside of their own departments will extend their career with that employer.

Employees Expectations

Employees today expect to have cloud-based resources available to them at all time and accessible via mobile devices. A cloud rental solution allows the workforce to access files and documents 24/7 from any device and anyplace where Wi-Fi is available. If your organization does not have a proliferation of mobile devices, you may wish to consider renting Apple devices.

“Employees feel a lot of advancements are already here, while their employers think it is still way off in the future,” stated Dermot O’Brien, Chief Human Resources Officer at ADP.

Employers can close this gap by making staffing decisions based on data and analytics. Once it is embraced, employers look to technology to measure human capital impact on their organization and make strategic decisions that can impact their global competitiveness.

What Employers Need to Do

ADP has embraced three technological approaches in their organization of over 60,000 employees — the cloud, mobile devices, and Big Data — in order to meet the expectations of the evolving workforce.

Employers need to train their employees on the use of technology and ensure these changes will not eliminate positions, but allow employees to be much more productive on the job.

The Bottom Line

Both employers and employees alike recognize the workplace is no longer a brick and mortar location and open exclusively from 9-to-5. Technology has and will continue to allow for increased productivity and competitiveness. To keep good employees, employers need to give them the right tools. For employees to keep their jobs, they need to be open to change and adapt to technology as it is introduced.

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