Makeover Your Workspace, Makeover Your Productivity

Makeover Your Workspace, Makeover Your Productivity

When you really think about it, 40-60 hours of your week is spent in a cubicle, office or boardroom. It is your “home away from home.” Depending on how it is organized and the tools at your disposal, your personal productivity can be significantly impacted either positively or negatively.

In order to turn your space into a mecca of productivity, requires the ability to step back from the situation and consciously make changes. Here are four ways that can lead to a successful transition.

Changes for Workspace Productivity

  1. Take care of the clutter.

    Chances are you have paper files you have not touched for several months or even years. They could be old client correspondence or purchase orders that are not relevant to your business today. Decide whether to keep, throw out, scan, shred, and/or store the documents to a cloud computing solution. Vow to keep paper to a minimum from this point forward by holding an office declutter day once a month.

    In addition, get rid of old tchotchkes, pictures, posters and anything else in your office that is outdated and doesn’t personally inspire you.

  2. Fung Shui your space.

    Once the clutter is out of the way, look at your desk, chair, workstation, and printer. If possible, move your desk so it faces the door because this is considered a power position. If that is not possible, try and move your desk diagonally.

    Look at your chair – is it ergonomically correct? If not, it may be time to replace your chair with a better one.

    Determine if you need to replace your technology or improve the use and visibility of the computer. For example, if the lighting in your office is harsh, ask for a glare reducer for your monitor. Is the computer system old? Loud? Or takes forever to load your app? Perhaps now is the time to rent a laptop or tablet, to determine the best computer technology for you.

  3. Utilize recess time.

    Remember a time when you went outside and ran around every day? The fresh air did you good then, and it will do you good now. Take a break from your desk for 20-30 minutes every day. Eat your lunch outdoors or take a walk.

    If you have a pressing problem, take your laptop or tablet with you and sit on a shaded bench to contemplate your issue. Often, the use of a different space will help solve the problem.

  4. Stand up and walk around.

    Did you know the American Cancer Society found that women who sit for more than 6 hours a day were 40% more likely to die within 15 years than those who sat fewer than three hours per day? With men, the statistic was 20 percent more likely to die within 15 years.

    The key is to stand more often and walk around the office. If you can find a reason to leave your desk every few minutes, do so. Deliver something personally rather than sending an email. Parcel out your chores rather than doing multiple things all at once. Hold a standing meeting.

    If you decide to invest in tablet or iPad rentals, remember you and your employees can use them both standing and walking. You may even want to invest in standing desks if you think it will help increase personal mobility.

Hartford Technology Rental Can Help Optimize Your Workspace

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