Technology to Be Thankful For

Technology to Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is next week. As such, it is a time to remember that the word “thanksgiving” is composed of two words: thanks and giving. It is an opportunity to give thanks, and to share and give. As such, we would like to thank our post readers and clients who have supported our business this past year.

During this time of reflection, let’s share some of the technology products, services and trends that we appreciate. So, what are you thankful for?

We are thankful for…

Virtual Reality Training

It is understood that nothing is more impactful that job experience but many times, employees need additional training to enhance their skill set. Has your business considered virtual reality training? If not, you should! Delve into the 5 proven benefits of virtual reality training and understand how this type of training is making it easier for employers to customize their workers’ skill sets.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, which is being highlighted in the tech industry, is not the Hollywood versions of AI like HAL or KITT. It is the machine intelligence that we find in smartphones and search engines in browsers. So, are businesses using AI? Many companies are embracing the innovative technology, and now is the time for your business to do so too! Learn how AI can change the way businesses and employees do things in the workforce more efficiently and productively.

eSports Industry

The gaming industry continues to grow by double digits year over year so how can game developers outdo themselves?  The industry needs to continue to expand its reach by improving its technology and giving people more ways to play. Here are some of the biggest gaming trends that can help the eSports industry achieve its goal.

Apple iPads

From its introduction in the marketplace, the iPad not only changed the way we compute at home but completely revolutionized the way we work. It allows employees to break free from their cubicles and to manage projects from where they want to. Look into how to use your iPad for work project productivity.

Audiovisual Equipment

From information retention to increased engagement from your audience, audio visual equipment can play a role in creating interactions in the workplace and at events. Of course, basic AV equipment is practical (and necessary) but what is intriguing are innovations. Stay ahead of your competitors and see our list of the best audio visual gear trending now.

Happy Thanksgiving from Hartford

Besides our clients, we are thankful for technology, industry trends and solutions. And, we appreciate that we rent the latest technology from virtual reality headsets to cell phone charging kiosk and more. Nationwide service, experienced Sales team and technicians – we are here to help – give us a call at 888-520-5667.