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Pet Peeves of an Event Planner

Pet Peeves of an Event Planner

Every career has its pet peeves. The work of an event planner is usually pretty fun, but like every industry, it has major pet peeves.

You know what it’s like. The event is perfectly planned, and all that needs to happen is for everyone to do their jobs.

Sometimes, things just don’t quite go right. Some problems are huge, some are tiny (and these can be even more irritating).

Are you in event management, or planning an event? If so, see if these are YOUR top pet peeves (and relive your frustration with us)!

10. Colleagues are Lazy

Event management is about getting everyone to work towards an end goal. Yet sometimes, you come across colleagues who just won’t help out.

There is nothing worse than when colleagues are stuck in their ways, especially when you know things could be done more efficiently.

9. People Don’t Stick to the Agenda

This is one of the biggest professional pet peeves around. As an event planner, you spent time putting together the agenda. It’s pitch-perfect and will make the whole event run like clockwork. Inevitably, there is always that one person who doesn’t stick to it.

8. Bad Venue Site Tour

Venue managers thankfully don’t often ask “What do event managers do?” but it sometimes feels like they don’t know.

When you are being given a tour of a venue, specifics details about the venue should highlighted depending upon the type of event you are planning. Don’t show someone a dancefloor if they are planning a business event at the venue.

7. Venue Doesn’t Supply the Right Materials

Oh, if you think I’m done with venue managers, you’re mistaken. Give us photos of the areas in use! I can’t just guess the possible room layouts or ballroom set-ups!

6. Supplied with the Wrong Tech

If we’ve asked for an iPad rental, there’s a very good reason why you need that specific equipment. An event planner doesn’t just conjure up technology requests!

Event management requires everything to be done by the plan. Don’t just assume an Android tablet would be just as good. That is why it is important to partner with a technology rental partner that understands your needs (hint, hint… Hartford Technology Rental can help!)

5. Listen to Awful Speakers

You have to be at this event. You planned the darn thing. Yet, you really wish you could be anywhere else right now.

The speaker that was booked who looked so good on their portfolio? Well, they clearly didn’t prepare, and are droning on and on from a script. Oh, to be back in the office.

4. Caterers Mess up the Order

You’ve collected the food order information meticulously. You know how many people will need vegetarian and vegan options. Then, the food turns up and the caterers forgot to check it.

3. Your Client Wants Paper Check-In Only

You’ve tried to tell your client that iPad check-in is secure and faster than paper, but they won’t listen. They’re stuck in decades-old ways and won’t change their minds. Event attendees always want long lines, right?!

2. Venues Have Multiple Contacts

The life of an event planner during crunch time is stressful enough. Please just give a planner one main person to contact, rather than four. It makes everyone’s lives so much easier.

1. Scheduling Mix-Up

This is one of the major pet peeves in event planning. An event is scheduled to go at the same time as another major event in the area. No one wins in this scenario.

Planning an Event? We Can Help

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