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Success with VR: Walmart Case Study

Success with VR: Walmart Case Study

Walmart is providing at least four Oculus Rift headsets to all its United States stores by the end of this year. It is expected to train more than one million workers and will be used from the general managers to the part-time associates that enroll in Walmart Training Academies.

The company currently has more than 45 VR training models to assist their workforce with technology adoption, soft skills and compliance.

Virtual Reality Benefits

  • Walmart reports a 10-15 percent improvement in test scores with VR as compared to traditional methods of teaching.
  • They have significantly reduced training costs. Many stores are in locations that are costly to fly in and out of because they are difficult to reach. VR eliminates the need for instructors and the requirement that employees gather into crowded classrooms for hours or days on end.
  • VR provides a safe environment. Rather than encounter an unsatisfied customer at the store or dealing with an active shooter situation, associates can be taught about the different soft skill and compliance practices without ever leaving the training center.
  • Immersive technology allows Walmart to upskill workers. As new products, processes and promotions occur, VR is assisting the workforce with these transitions. They have found that knowledgeable employees translate into increased customer purchases.
  • Training occurs more often. Individuals take the training when they are available to do so, 24/7. In addition, they can schedule training based on session length and time they are allotted for training on a given day. If they are uncertain about a module they viewed in the past, queuing it to review is easy to do too!

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