7 Ways Digital Integration Will Change Your Event

7 Ways Digital Integration Will Change Your Event

Paper tickets, binders and dumb badges are going, going, gone. Even use of audience microphones is dwindling. Today, attendees expect technology at every step of the way and the ability to use their mobile devices to make it happen. Here are the areas planners should be focusing on and the benefits associated with each solution.

Give Your Full Attention to These Technology Advancements

All-inclusive registration system

Out with a system where each attendee must fill out their registration online or print and mail their form, go to another system to pay for it, yet another to see whose attending and even another to view the agenda.

Attendee benefit: Everything is handled in one fell swoop, saving them time.

Organizer benefit: By providing all the information in one location, you are much more likely to close the attendee the first time they visit your site and avoid receiving a lot of phone calls and emails.

Intelligent badges or wrist wearables

Instead of gathering paper CEU forms or guessing how many attendees went to various breakout sessions, utilize a system where attendees swipe their badge or go to a reader to sign in and out.

Attendee benefit: Their much-needed credits for license renewals will be automatically recorded.

Organizer benefit: You will know who attended which sessions and how long they stayed at each one. This will help record accurate CEU credits and aid in planning better breakout sessions targeted to a specific demographic for future conferences.

Online agenda

Your agenda doesn’t need to be tied to a written program any longer. Think of all the time and money you will save from seemingly endless proofing, printing and last-minute revisions.

Attendee benefit: You can post the agenda on an event app, video wall rental or both. All changes will be real-time queued for mobile alerts.

Organizer benefit: No more restless nights about making everything perfect. Your technology can be as fluid as your program with messages sent out and changes displayed within minutes.

Speaker Information and Social Media Feeds

Providing static web pages about each speaker isn’t enough in today’s world. Attendees want to be connected to your presenters and other attendees well before and during the conference, primarily through social media channels.

Attendee benefit: They can ask speakers and others specific questions about the conference.

Organizer benefit: Attendees will feel more connected, well before opening session.

Live Streaming

Rather than hiring an agency to record, edit and store your sessions on online, you can set up video streaming on a number of channels including Facebook Live, Instagram Stories or Periscope and record the sessions yourself.

Attendee benefit: Virtual attendees can see the event as it’s unfolding and ask questions as they think about them.

Organizer benefit: No more expensive videographers with time delays. You provide content as it’s happening on stage.

Beacon Data

You and exhibitors alike want to know how attendees are moving around the trade show floor, where they are stopping and for how long. Without technology, this is very difficult to do.

Attendee benefit: With wrist wearables, the exhibitor doesn’t have to do anything. The individual’s information will be picked up when they get close to the beacon.

Organizer benefit: You will be able to see the heat map of how the crowd flowed through the trade show floor, what booths they stopped at and for how long.

Tracking Metrics

40% of survey respondents saw an improvement in the ability to track and measure events when they used technology. No more guessing about the value of the meetings.

Attendee benefit: When you measure and make changes based on them, participants have a better overall experience at current and in future events.

Organizer benefit: The ability to collect data and do something with the results will make your events that much better, every time.

Hartford Technology Rental Has an Event Checklist

We will look at the following items with you when planning your event:

  • Electrical requirements
  • Network and Internet requirements
  • Delivery access
  • Room layouts
  • Venue duties and responsibilities

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