Vimeo Live with 3D Hologram Video – Product Review

Vimeo Live with 3D Hologram Video – Product Review

Vimeo recently live streamed a 3D hologram from a Brooklyn meeting and the feedback was extremely positive. While Vimeo Live has been around for several years, this blows the lid off what many have perceived as a difficult sci-fi option: holograms.

The hologram alternative is not a current company offering, but with any luck, it’s just around the corner. Here’s everything you need to know about holograms, including the technical specs associated with such a production.

Two Human Hologram Methods

  1. Depth-based volumetric video.
    This is a video technique that captures a three-dimensional space that acquires data viewed on flat screens, 3D Displays and Virtual Reality headset rentals. A tool for this type of filmmaking is DepthKit.
  2. Videogrammetry.
    It’s a measurement technology in which three-dimensional coordinates of points on an object are determined by measurements made in two or more video images taken from different angles. Images can be obtained from two cameras which simultaneously view the images captured by the same camera. Two tools for this methodology include Agisoft and CapturingReality.

Other Items Required

  1. In order to be considered for beta testing, you need a Vimeo Live membership.
  2. A camera for capturing depth, of which there are several on the market today. They include: Kinect for Windows v2, Zed, Orbec, RealSense and the iPhone X TrueDepth Sensor.
  3. Limited programing knowledge (yes, someone must write some code)
  4. Vimeo Depth Viewer, currently available on the latest macOS operating system that works with the free and open source video encoding software, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to convert a 3D video into a live stream.

Target Audiences

This technology is expected to serve the following professions well:

  • Presenters that want to live stream their story to a virtual audience and/or show complex concepts to a live audience via VR, AR or mixed reality headsets
  • Artists who are looking for an edgy, creative platform
  • Sports Broadcasters that wish to show play-by-play action in a unique way
  • Entertainment, anyone from musicians to magicians
  • Educational institutions that can bring historical figures to life
  • Politicians who need to be at multiple locations at the same time and want to use a buzzworthy platform and
  • Videographers who wish to offer a unique element to an event

What’s Next for Hologram Technology?

The hologram ubiquitous future isn’t here yet, but it’s getting closer. If you want to be ready, it’s important to become familiar and try out our 360 camera rentals, the stitching process and our headsets.

Someone is going to win the war on hologram technology and so far, Vimeo has an impressive start. However, MDH Hologram, 8i and Magic Leap are working hard to deliver a stable, cost effective solution in the coming years.

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