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Deciding between the MacBook Pro or the PC Laptop

Deciding between the MacBook Pro or the PC Laptop

Deciding between the MacBook Pro or the PC Laptop

There is no doubt that the MacBook Pro is a premium product. But with quality, comes cost. So it’s no wonder that affordable alternatives such as PC Laptops are worth considering for your next rental. MacBook Pro premium prices and the diversity of Windows laptops may make it difficult to choose which one is right for you, and for that reason, we decided to help address many advantages and disadvantages in this article that could help you make your decision.

Which is better? MacBook Pro or PC Laptop?

In order to choose which laptop is best for your application & project needs, we should start by taking a look at some of the main differences between MacBook Pros and PC Laptops. First and foremost is the operating system.  If you’re tied to one ecosystem it makes the choice a little easier and we won’t get into which OS is better in this post.  The next big difference is the manufacturer.  With PC laptops you have a wide array of choices including the big 3 which are Dell, HP and Lenovo. The nice thing is that hardware design and specifications can vary greatly giving you a wide array of options to choose from.  With MacBook Pros, it begins with and ends with only one manufacturer…Apple. This limits your hardware customization and choices, but it does come with an upside when strict standards can be met more easily. That upside software connectivity/compatibility within the same eco-system.

Factors to consider before deciding

Knowing your other equipment in your events & projects may help you in your choice on when to rent MacBook Pros vs PC Laptops as well. We’ve all been there. That moment when you are excited to link up your laptop to a projector or large screen display TV at an upcoming meeting or tradeshow event only to find out that you need a specific adapter or laptop accessory!

Knowing your software requirements may also help you in selecting which platform to go with. Although we now live in a time where most applications can be had in either Mac or Windows format, there are some instances where applications require either Mac OS or Windows, so it’s worth noting what your project requires.

Pro’s and Con’s

Although personal preference can be the largest deciding factor between the two considering how capable both platforms are, there are some other details worth mentioning.


Apple’s Mac OS is part of their large software ecosystem, which includes iOS on iPads and iPhones as well as TV OS on Apple TV. These platforms have many of the same apps, and work very well with one another.  In general Apple’s walled garden is in many ways a more secure option.  On the PC side you’ve once again got options.  You can take the Windows route or the more secure but road less traveled Linux route.  Since the vast majority of the world’s computers run Windows, we focus on that.  With all of the options from so many 3rd party manufacturers, the competition helps bring cost savings to the consumer.  On the flip side most malware and virus creators focus on the Windows side due the sheer size of success they can achieve if they can break through.



Both MacBooks and PC laptops offer premium designs and each do a great job in delivering thin and light laptops.  Since design is very subjective we’ll consider this category a tie.



PC laptops use either AMD or Intel processors while current MacBooks run on Apple’s own processors.  Apple processors have proven to offer around a 23% multi-core performance increase over AMD or Intel’s processors.  If you’re a graphics professional working on video editing/encoding and larger processing tasks this extra horsepower is greatly appreciated.

One thing to note is that Apple’s new processors can create issues around supported software.  Some older software titles may not work as expected.



While both MacBooks and PC laptops provide a range of options for you to choose from including; screen size, memory and storage that’s where the similarities stop.   PC laptops offer more choices including more ports, graphics cards and even unique features.  For example PC laptops can come with touch screen displays and can also convert into a tablet mode giving you more ways to interact with the laptop.  As of this writing Apple has yet to offer either a touch screen or convertible MacBook. 

There have been people that have said Apple likes to create problems so they can provide the fix.  When it comes to ports it seems like there could be some truth.  As Apple has reduced the amount of ports on their MacBooks over the years, the fix has been to sell the user a new dongle to do simple things like connect a MacBook to a monitor or read data of an SD card.  With PC laptops there are plenty of models available with all of these ports and more.  While this may not seem like a big deal when you see that some of the dongles can cost upwards of $60 and that you suddenly find your laptop bag is filled with different dongles it can be a bit maddening.   For MacBook owners the other option is to invest in a MacBook docking station but then again that is only a good fix for your office desk and not so much when you’re on the road.  The good news at least for people buying the most expensive MacBooks is that it appears Apple is finally bringing back some of the ports.

WINNER: PC Laptops


If you are buying a MacBook you need to think long and hard on how much RAM and storage you need.  Need more storage space or memory?   You should have thought of that when you purchased as Apple has doesn’t allow for even basic upgrades.  Now if you go the PC laptop route, practically all manufacturers make it easy to upgrade the memory, storage and even replace the battery. 

WINNER: PC Laptops


Both MacBooks and PC laptops offer screen sizes from 13.3” up to 16.1” and up to 4K resolution.  Both laptops at the top end of the spectrum offer great color accuracy with the nudge going to Apple for their brighter display.



MacBook Pros have finally starting using 1080p webcams which is a welcome upgrade since most people spend a good amount of time on Zoom or similar apps, a 1080p webcam is a much better option.  The other feature you’ll find on more and more PC laptops these days is a privacy shutter which is absent on a MacBook.  Combine this with the fact that PC laptops were the first to offer 1080p webcams and we’ll give the slight win to PC laptops.

WINNER: PC Laptops


For road warriors battery life is important.  This is where Apple is superior to PC laptops and its processor is a big reason why.  In comparing the MacBook to similar priced PC laptops, MacBook batteries offer almost double the time to empty.  That’s huge.


Are there any alternatives to the MacBook Pro or the PC Laptop?

So you’re still on the fence and are maybe wondering if there are any alternatives to either. Maybe you don’t need something as powerful as a top-of-the-line MacBook Pro, or a fully-equipped Windows Laptop. Perhaps a lower-tier laptop with some laptop accessories could do the trick, or maybe a smartphone or tablet.

MacBook Pro Alternatives, without Windows.

Alternatives to renting the MacBook Pro

MacBook Air

Let’s say you want a MacBook Pro, without the cost of a MacBook Pro. Perhaps you’re project requires basic computing, and you don’t need the extra processing power that the Pro has. The MacBook Air can definitely hold its own. This is definitely worth considering since they are much more competitively priced than their higher tier Pro models.

Mac Mini

Perhaps you don’t really need an Apple laptop, but you just need something compact with a full Mac OS to connect to a display. The Mac Mini is a worthy option for many in these scenarios.


If a full Mac OS isn’t a requirement, but portability and compatibility with Apple’s eco-system is, then consider an iPad or an iPad Pro.

Windows Laptop Alternatives, without Apple.

Alternatives to renting the Windows Laptop

2-in-1 Laptop Tablet

In the event that you find yourself needing a hybrid device that can be used as a tablet or a laptop, Windows 2-in-1 Laptop Tablets are definitely worth taking a look at.

Surface Pro

So you’ve looked at 2-in-1 Laptop Tablets and you’re intrigued. So intrigued, that you’d consider a premium 2-in-1 at a premium price. Well then, let me introduce you to the Microsoft Surface Pro.


Maybe you don’t need the power of a fully-equipped PC Laptop and you just need a laptop for basic tasks and browsing. The Chromebook is definitely capable of that, and more.

Android Tablet

When you project requirements are very flexible, and you don’t require Mac OS or even Windows, but you need something portable, cost effective and easy to use, Samsung Tablets may be a worthy opponent.


So which is better MacBook or PC laptop.  They each have their pros and cons.  It really boils down to what matters most to you.  Do you need the best processing power with real all day battery life or do you want a laptop that through customizations can be more tailored to your everyday needs.  Ultimately only you can decide which system is better for you.  Hopefully this post helps you make a more informed decision. 

Whether you want portability, compatibility, affordability, options or something very premium… we got you covered.

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