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Best Event Check-In & Registration Platforms for 2023

Best Event Check-In & Registration Platforms for 2023

Best Event Check-In & Registration Platforms for 2023

Although patience is a virtue, time is an ever-fleeting commodity in today’s world.  Event planners are keenly aware of this, and look at a multitude of ways to ensure your optimal movement and engagement. By coupling the best event check-in and registration platforms for 2023 (for speed and cost) with equipment from us, we can foster the experience and speed up event check-in of this critical component.

OnArrival by Cvent

OnArrival by Cvent Features:

  • Variable attendee processing – If you are running a business summit or a team engagement meeting, by curating the attendee experience in advance you can create a more memorable experience OnArrival can adapt to a myriad of scenarios to make sure your guests experience their own custom-tailored path.
  • Optimized for Self-Serve kiosk check-in –By utilizing QR codes and tablets or smartphones, the lines of yesteryear can be left in the past. There are some attendees who will prefer an automated experience, and that enables the event planners to process walk-in registrations to those who need it.
  • Real-time data and reporting – While the event is running smoothly, OnArrival provides you statistics every 15 minutes to give you further insights into your meticulously planned meeting. You can see the attendance of each session and share it with fellow planners and stakeholders.


RSVPify Features:

  • Design & Customization – Marketing and branding is another critical component of successful events. By setting up a unified theme you can give something intangible for your attendees; an identity and feeling they will remember.
  • Secondary event support – Sub-events can either occur by design or in an impromptu manner. These can consist of rehearsal dinners, post-conference drinks, or coffee meet ups. However these secondary events develop, RSVPify can select different guest groups to attend every scenario that could occur.
  • Video Hosting – By adding video in advance of your event to the registration website you can give the attendees an example of what they should expect. You can either host these videos internally or on common, external video platforms.

Socio check in

Socio Features:

  • Intuitive check-in and badge printing – By either utilizing the Fast Track Check-in, or a distributed check-in experience you can customize this process to your desired experience.  You can further customize this experience by determining in advance which badge printer best suits your meeting.
  • CLEAR Health Pass partnerships – Sociopartners with CLEAR’s health pass to make sure any vaccine and health protocols are intact. By doing so, you can ensure the safety of your attendees in advance.
  • Advanced customization – Create branding or your privacy experience that is unique to your event. With Socio, these elements can be easily configured as well.


Eventzilla Features:

  • Hybrid event functionality – Eventzilla offers a Virtual Add-on component which can tie directly into your webinar or livestream with an integration element.
  • Platform agnostic check-in – Any device can be utilized for the Check-in process. This can consist of either scanning a QR code, or entering a guest’s name.
  • Embedded ticket sales widget – A ticket sales widget is all that is needed to convert curious site visitors, into active, engaged attendees.

Zoho Backstage

Backstage Features:

  • Marketing functionality – Zoho Backstage allows you to uniformly message your website, banners, badges, blogs, and social media posts. That unique branding can also be brought on site with elements like our digital podium
  • Attendee engagement – Within the app, you can manage engagement per session by utilizing polls, and “liking” various slides. You can also deploy feedback requests from that same interface.
  • Analytics – Ranging from affiliate influence to prospect attendee conversion, there are a wide array of functions that would benefit all shareholder interests. There are analytics that can be derived from your custom website as well.


Showpass Features:

  • Ticket Packages – By creating multiple packages for your attendees to purchase, you give the ease of use (and benefit of discount) to bulk buying of multiple shows, season tickets or event series, as well as multiple tiers in case of sell outs.
  • Merchandise tie-in functionality – Prior to “doors open”, revenue can still be collected by purchasing food, drinks, priority check-in, or other merchandise in advance.  This can all be managed within the Showpass interface.
  • Assigned seating – Tiered seating gives the attendees their preferred experience in larger venues. If there is a unique layout to your venue it can be customized by their team of experts.

Social Tables- Check in

Social Tables Features:

  • Cloud-based and Collaborative – Anyone with authorization can edit and make last minute changes on any device available.
  • Social Media tie-in – By utilizing social media data about your attendees you can ensure that your attendees have an exceptional experience.
  • Customization options – To expedite the check in process, you can enter any custom fields needed to make sure all key performance indicators are met.


Boomset Features:

  • Smart Session Functionality – Unique information identifiers per session to ensure that overbooking does not occur. Additionally, this automatically tracks attendance for CEU’s and can send certifications through the platform.
  • Check-in options – Check-ins can be accommodated by quick-search, RFID, or QR codes. You can also manage badge printing, and text notifications for check-in/check-out.  
  • RFID Management – RFID can provide you with more sustainable, and accurate lead generations ranging from check-in and wearables, to access control, or specific product kiosks to capture leads in a memorable manner.


Certain Features:

  • Real Time Follow Up – With a simple automation trigger you can capture all the information you need for lead generation and being your follow process pre-emptively at your leisure.
  • Swipe-able attendance information – With one swipe you can check in attendees to either specific sessions or booths and gain valuable insights along the way.
  • VIP Alert systems – Five members of your team can receive an unlimited number of VIP notifications based on check in and potential prospect information.


Zkipster Features:

  • Optimized Email Invitations – After creating customized invitations able to be sent from your preferred domain, Zkipster shows the progress of your emails; tracking what gets delivered, and who opened them and or not.
  • Guest Profile support – Each guest invited to your event has an editable profile which can contain a picture and multiple customizable fields. Some of these fields can be private to the administrators only.
  • Locally saved storage– If the Wi-Fi connection gets disrupted at your event, your check-in process can continue as normal and when it comes back every device gets resynced. We can assist with augmenting your network for redundancy to alleviate any concerns in advance of your event.


Attendium Features:

  • Live Preview – During development, the customized forms can be previews on web and mobile to ensure accuracy and full-functionality.
  • Auditing functions – To keep your attendance list as clean as possible, there is an automated duplicate checker as well as an activity log to let administrators know when someone was checked in and by whom.   
  • Limited access accounts – Accounts can be created with limited access for different functionality, one view can be for attendance report views only.

Guest Manager

Guest Manager Features:

  • Invitation tracking – By creating private, unique invitation links you can track specific invites at your leisure.
  • Event Ticket Design and Scan Studio – Using Guest Manager’s software, you can create, design, and distribute, your own scannable tickets.
  • Open API Endpoints – Seamless integration with the preferred utilization of your websites functions like shopping carts and checkout elements.


AudienceView Features:

  • Marketing Automation – Strategies employed for marketing automation consist of creating intelligent calls to action, social media integrations, and retargeting elements. All of the above contribute to a smarter relationship with your attendees.
  • Event Ticket Design and Scan Studio – Using Guest Manager’s software, you can create, design, and distribute, your own scannable tickets.
  • Pre-built segmented event packages – There are sharply defined event types like theater, campus, and professional solutions already optimized for your unique sector.


AccelEvents Features:

  • Virtual Event Lobby – For all events, the first impression is generally the most memorable. In case of virtual events, a virtual lobby can be created with an activity wall, welcome video, chat, and gamification leader board.  
  • Gamification – By utilizing the no-code, built-in challenges provided by AccelEvents, you create engaging and memorable experiences for your attendees. Remember to create rewards to further entice engagement opportunities!
  • Integrated Livestream Options – In addition to their own virtual event platform with a custom studio with a backstage area you can choose to utilize any other provider you prefer by tying in an RTMP feed. This can be captured by our Epiphan Pearl Mini’s and ingested for a high quality live-stream with a low overhead.


GTR Now Features:

  • Unique Registration paths – With a mere drag and drop you can create a multitude of custom paths for registration. These forms can be simple or complex with branching logic.   
  • Custom coded event pages – Event pages can be created from templates, then be augmented with custom CSS so you can own your branding and make sure the clients impression is an exceptional one.,
  • Integration options – GTR Now can be added into any component of integration from registration and marketing to project management (productivity) applications and event hardware/virtual platforms.


eventsquid Features:

  • Statistics native to each check in device – Live statistics and analytics can be accessed in the settings of the event app. This element can also be hidden from some users and attendees.
  • Scan Scope – The Scan Scope component of the eventsquid check-in app gives you a simple interface to determine how a QR code should be recognized. This can be customized for each session, or
  • Decrementing options – For some event components –all of which are customizable, you can include an auto-decrementing elements like drink tickets and any other redemption element necessary to your event.

It is clear that there are a multitude of options to create a very unique and memorable check-in experience for all attendees. The hardware and software you choose for your event is indicative of the event itself. Is this a tailor-made, and elegant occasion? Or, is this a training day for new recruits?   In either scenario, HTR is a diligent and nimble partner ready to ensure that your hardware needs are not only met; but exceeded.  By giving us a call, at 888-526-5667 or filling out the form below, we would be happy to assist you in this process.