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Must Have Audio Equipment for Corporate Events

Must Have Audio Equipment for Corporate Events

Did you know that setting up audio for events requires both strategic and technical considerations? Good sound quality and projection are essential for most large events, especially corporate ones. If people can’t hear the presentation, that is a major problem.

Good audio is crucial for any event. Here is the best, must-have audio equipment for large venue corporate events held in places like a ballroom.

Speakers and Subwoofers

You probably guessed that you will need a speaker as part of your audio equipment for large venue events. However, what kind of speaker do you need?

  • Active (aka Powered) Speakers: have their own built-in amplifier to power the speaker. This speaker only needs an audio source signal to produce sound. This is a great way to reduce cable clutter.
  • Passive Speakers: need power in addition to the audio information. Classic speakers are usually passive.

So what is the difference between a speaker and a subwoofer? It all comes down to their frequency. Subwoofers are used for low bass sounds while speakers are used for all ranges.

Speaker Processor

What is a speaker processor and why do you need one? A speaker processor is necessary for combining the features of all of your speakers and subwoofers, in order to keep the final mix sounding good and the equipment safe from damage.

If you can’t afford this specialty equipment, there are apps for smartphones like AudioTools that can help measure and calibrate your event’s sound system.

Analog Mixers and Digital Mixers

An audio interface is essential in order to control your event’s audio system. A mixer is a device for changing the quality and levels of audio. Using a mixer, or soundboard is a great way to route and/or combine audio signals.

It’s a good idea to use an audio mixer which can be rented in order to achieve the optimum audio levels for your audience. A mixer helps you to achieve a good signal-to-noise ratio. This allows the listener to separate the main dialog from the background.

Microphones and In-Ear Monitors

Lastly, you’ll need to consider what type of microphones and monitors you’ll need. This will depend on what audio needs your event has. Will there be an emcee, a band, or a panel of speakers?

Each of these scenarios requires different audio set up. There are many different types of microphones to consider:

  • Dynamic Mics, like the Shure SM58 which is part of our microphone rental inventory, feature a simple, durable design which makes them the best microphones for live performance.
  • Condenser Mics are most commonly found in studios and offer superior sound quality

Each one has different pros and cons to consider. Be sure to do your research or consult with an audio professional before selecting a mic. 

Ready to Get Audio Equipment for Large Venue Events?

Audio equipment for large venue events can be expensive. Turn to professionals to deliver quality equipment without spending your entire budget on purchasing audio equipment for a large event.

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