6 Simple Steps to Building a Better Product Launch

6 Simple Steps to Building a Better Product Launch

Your organization is ready to launch a new product or service. You have kicked around the idea of holding a big product launch but are unsure how to sell it to management.

Today’s blog will help you gain buy-in, keep within budget and preserve your product with clients and prospects long after the event is over.

Build it and They Will Come

If you remember from the movie Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner was assured that all he had to do was turn his cornfields into a baseball diamond and people would come from all over to see baseball heroes of the past. However, unlike this movie, it is doubtful clients will pay much attention to your new offering without a sound plan.

Do the following in sequential order to have maximum execution effect.

  1. Create a launch team.
    Optimally, this team should be a cross-section of employees, board members, clients, prospects and the event organizers. Having this mix of individuals will give the event new life because everyone will come to the planning process from a different perspective.
  2. Establish your event goals.
    Is it brand awareness, lead generation or selling products? What will be your follow-up plan to cement these goals with your target audience?

    It is vital you have a post-event metrics in place to effectively measure whether or not ROI can be met.

  3. Identify your audience.
    Who, specifically, are your launch attendees? Clients? The general public? The media? Or a combination of all? It is important to segment your invitees into three buckets. “A” invitees are your VIPs, “B” are the prospects and media you are trying to reach and “C” are individuals you would like to come, but are not essential to the success of your launch.
  4. Think creatively.
    Here are three ways you can make your launch unique:

    1. If budget is an issue, find a partner who is launching a new product at the same time. This can potentially double your event size while keeping your costs down.
    2. If your launch is consumer based, perhaps you can combine it with a charity event. For example, if you are a golf club manufacturer, it might make sense to let golfers test drive your new clubs at a charity outing. Or if your organization is passionate about a cause, perhaps you can give away the new offering as a raffle prize.
    3. If you need to launch to employees first, create a family-fun event that will allow everyone to absorb the message in a more relaxed environment. Family members can help spread the word about your launch among their friends and colleagues.
  5. Hone in on your message and delivery.
    How is your product offering different than your competitors? What is your position in the marketplace? Make sure your message highlights how you are different and your value-based proposition.

    From a delivery perspective, how can you use technology rentals to enhance the message? Will your message include interactivity (i.e. touch screen monitors) and a feedback app that can be utilized on mobile devices to see if the message resonated with them? Keep your message short and interactive for maximum effect.

  6. Conduct training seminars.
    Right after the launch, offer a series of training sessions about ways to use the product on a much deeper level. Make the sessions small so sales representatives and trainers can establish personal connections with attendees.

Hartford Technology Rental is Your Launch Team Partner

A product launch is your opportunity to generate excitement within the company and among your clients and prospects. Let us provide you with state-of-the-art interactive technology rentals that can help deliver a fantastic launching event. Give us a call today at 888.520.5667 or fill out our online quote!