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iPad Rental Prices: Apple iPad Models Starting at $25

iPad Rental Prices: Apple iPad Models Starting at $25

How much does it cost to rent an iPad? (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)

Q: How much does it cost to rent an iPad?

A: Depending on the model, from an iPad Mini to an iPad Air, you can rent an iPad from Hartford Technology Rental for as little as $19 per week. Let’s spend a few minutes learning what is available and how the different iPad rental options affect the price that you will pay.

How much does it cost to rent an iPad?

The range of pricing for an iPad rental can be as little as $19 per week for a low end iPad all the way up to $133 for a month for a state of the art, latest generation iPad Pro.  The final cost is dependent on several factors including configuration, cellular requirements, duration of time you need to rent the iPad and time of year.


Average starting iPad rental prices

Model Weekly Rate
(per unit)
Monthly Rate
(per unit)
iPad Rental $25 $38
iPad Cellular Rental $50 $63
iPad Mini Rental $29 $42
iPad Mini Cellular Rental $54 $67
iPad Pro Rental $49 $69
iPad Pro Cellular Rental $74 $94
Bulk Volume iPad Rental $19 $32
Bulk Volume iPad Mini Rental $23 $36
Bulk Volume iPad Pro Rental $43 $63


What Factors Determine Rental Pricing?

  • Quantity – bulk iPad rentals are an excellent way to drive the pricing down. The more iPads that you rent for your events the lower the pricing tends to go.
  • Duration – iPads can be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The longer the term the more the price increases.  However, at Hartford we do offer pricing discounts for longer term iPad rentals.
  • Specifications – the single most important factor in determining the rental price of an iPad is the configuration. A low end, older iPad with an older processor and standard memory and storage costs the least.  Once you get to the newest iPad or increase memory or storage, the price increases.  It also increases if you need cellular connectivity.  If you switch to a more expensive model, like an iPad Pro, the price will also increase.
  • Location – as with every product, including an iPad rental, you need to get it delivered to your office or event. Where you are located and how many iPads you order will directly impact the cost of both tax and shipping expenses.
  • Availability – the best iPad rental rates are always available for the items that we have in stock, on the shelf and ready to ship. We carry thousands of iPads so there’s a good chance we’ve got what you need.
  • Lead Time – the best advice to save the most money in your iPad rental is to plan and place your order as far in advance as possible. Generally, lots of lead time means less expense.  If you need to rent an iPad and have it shipped overnight to arrive tomorrow morning we can always make it happen.  But if we have a few extra days we can save you money by utilizing ground delivery services, thus cutting your expenses significantly.

Why Businesses Choose HTR for iPad Rentals

For over 30 years companies from all over the world have counted on Hartford Technology Rentals for their iPad rental needs.  From a single unit for a single day to hundreds of identical cellular iPads with your apps preloaded for a project or a conference, we’ve got you covered.  To start the conversation, please give us a call at 888-520-5667.