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How Does a 360 Degree Camera Work?

How Does a 360 Degree Camera Work?

Using a 360 Degree camera provides uniqueness when taking a photo or using it to create a video. It allows you to create an immersive 360-degree photospheres and videos.

The 360 Camera features a double-lens (and in some instances up to 8 lenses). This aspect of the camera enables professionals to capture crucial moments with detail and clarity. With the ability to tell captivating stories, the only question that seems to be lingering is, “how does a 360 camera work”?

How Does a 360 Camera Work?

While it may appear relatively straightforward, there is complexity to this type of camera. Despite its slightly misleading name, what makes this camera so distinctive is its capacity to capture 180-degrees worth of photographic images or video with detail, clarity and precision.

The camera is designed with a sensor situated behind each lens on either side (otherwise known as a dual-sensor).

Newer 360 camera models can produce high-quality photos (4K at 30p), depending upon on the model. In addition, many professional-grade 360 cameras are capable of 8K resolution video and wide panoramic images.

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360-Degree Camera Features

Some 360 camera models can connect to a smartphone (iPhone or Android) through an app (that must be downloaded). This allows users to easily control and adjust the camera’s settings.

In addition to having the ability to take photos, 360 cameras can shoot videos. It is important to make sure the quality of your footage is of high-quality and compelling. In addition, it is essential to make sure that the tone and audio settings are of equal quality.

Within the settings of the camera, there are two exciting features: Monoscopic and Stereoscopic. Monoscopic, also known as spherical video, is the most common video type you see when viewing VR online. Stereoscopic, on the other hand, is more complex and refers to more three-dimensional images. It requires advanced hardware and software to capture and compile video.

Capturing Your Images

Getting your image to come out the way you want it is no accident. You will need to make deliberate choices to make it happen.

Due to its shape, this camera is hard to position on the ground. So in order to get the images you may want, using a portable tripod is advisable. This will help you to adjust the height to get the images or footage you require.

Getting the Most Out of Your 360 Images

A big part of using the 360 camera is the editing aspect. The majority of these camera models already come with computer software to edit photos and videos.

It gets a bit more complicated when your images are of the world around you; in order to create your story, the images or videos have to be stitched together (in a sense).

Blending images can be difficult. The smallest of interruptions can cause problems. For instance, a person deciding to amble directly in front of the lens may change the feel of image that you are trying to capture.

Ready for a 360 Camera?

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