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Video Production Equipment Checklist

Video Production Equipment Checklist

It’s estimated by 2021, video traffic will account for 82% of all consumer traffic. But on top of that, video improves dwell time on your pages. It increases conversion rates, and it’s a great part of your marketing strategy.

So you’re looking to film your first video. What video production equipment do you need to get started? Let’s break it down.

7 Essential Pieces of Equipment Needed for Producing Videos

1. Digital Video Camera

The first thing you need to create a video is a way to record it. Technology has advanced so far that even an iPhone 6 or newer is capable of recording video in HD.

But using your iPhone doesn’t mean you’ll get the best results. Depending on the scope of your video, you’ll likely need a high-end video camera like the Panasonic AK-UC4000 4K camera rental.

2. Video Editing Computer and Software

This is where products start to matter. Video editing is a daunting, high labor task. The right computer can take a project from days to only a few hours.

The software you use matters too. Better software will help with special effects, transitions, and color editing.

3. Microphone

Right after your video quality, your sound quality matters most. There are several microphone options on the market. What you pick will depend on your budget, and the type of filming you want to do.

For example, you can get a lavaliere microphone that will clip onto your speaker. This works well for interviews or other videos where your subjects aren’t moving a lot.

But if you plan on more action, you may need a “shotgun mic” that picks up the audio from wherever direction you point it.

4. Headphones

You need high-quality headphones to check the audio quality as you’re filming. Without the right audio balance, some parts will be too loud, and others will be inaudible.

Noise-canceling over the ear headphones are best.

5. Tripod

A tripod helps keep your shot stable. It prevents shakes and keeps your shots level. As you get used to filming, you’ll learn how to use your tripod to help you frame the shot however you like.

A good tripod is essential for a professional video. But amateur videographers will enjoy using a tripod as well.

6. Lighting

Quality lighting separates low-quality videos from their high-quality counterparts. Take time to learn what lighting you need most for your video needs.

If you’re just starting, you can probably get away with reflectors. But if you want high-quality videos, you’re best off with tungsten lights.

7. Video Bag

You put a lot of money into getting high-quality video production equipment, so you might as well take care of it. A video bag will keep your gear safe as you move from location to location.

Rent Quality Video Production Equipment to Get Started Today

Getting high-quality video production equipment can be a big investment. If you’re dipping your toes into filming, consider renting. Renting equipment can help you get started faster.

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