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Creative Ways to Use a Projector

Creative Ways to Use a Projector

That projector you’ve been using for presentations and employee movie nights can actually be used for a lot more than you may think.

Check out these creative video projection ideas and see just what your average, run-of-the-mill video projector could enable you to do.

Get Your Business Noticed: Video Projection Ideas

You can do some serious meeting planning with video projection, but stepping up your presentation skills can take a boring meeting to a visually compelling learning opportunity.

Include a Live-Stream Feed

You’ve seen the rolling headlines at the bottom of the screen when you’re watching CNN, but did you know they can be included in your video projections as well?

Keep your audience informed without even having to stop for questions by feeding them a stream of live updates and helpful information via an information radar.

Display reminders, updates to events, contact information, ideas related to your current image, or even simply weather information. This is a great way to reduce your presentation’s budget without inhibiting the visual experience for your audience.

Whatever you choose to show on your information radar, including one in your presentation makes you seem socially and technologically savvy. It can show your awareness of the various pieces of information that may be relevant to your audience.

Draw Attention to a New Product

Sometimes the only thing you need to draw the eye of trade show attendees to your new product is the right background.

One effective example of this is when Sleep Comfort Corp. used a giant curved screen to display interesting product qualities behind their newest Sleep IQ Technology bed.

The soothing colors, interesting facts, and projected calls to provide feedback were a great way to highlight their product. In a similar way, using projection around a new product gives you the chance to let your display do the talking.

With this method of projection, trade show attendees will get snippets of information about your product or service from a distance, and before any of your team even broaches a conversation with them.

Project onto an Unexpected Object

You may have seen this clever projection idea on billboards or posters at the mall when you walk by a store and that cardboard woman starts talking to you.

All you have to do this is to take a moving or talking image, (perhaps one of your employee’s faces), and project it onto a cardboard cut-out or a mannequin. You instantly have a great sales pitch to set up and leave (if need-be), to explain your business and services to walkers-by.

This is a great tool for leaving in a corner of your booth where a product feature or service needs some extra explanation. Or, you can set this projection out front to engage and add humor to draw attendees in.

More Techy Hacks and Hints

You can get ultra-creative with endless unique video projection ideas. Don’t stop at throwing images up on a screen.

Put your creativity to use in any setting, or take a look at our post on how to design a uniquely captivating trade show booth for your next conference.

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