Event Technology to Keep an Eye On

Event Technology to Keep an Eye On

For the first time in the history of the world, technology will move faster than we can adapt to it. And the proliferation of devices is going to continue to explode.

Many times, our first introduction into trending technology is at the Consumer Electronics Show, which just wrapped up last week. Let’s take a look at the products those exhibitors displayed and how your organization can best prepare for the future.

Technologies Coming Tomorrow

Improved Mobile Devices That Will Handle Everything
Smartphones and other mobile devices will continue to be thinner and curved for better viewing of apps. The biggest problem with curved technology has been when individuals put the phone into their pocket, it breaks. LG is coming out with a self-healing coating that allows the phone to return to its original shape. In addition, phones are going to have better resolution, dual cameras which will allow for great photos and videos.

From an event app standpoint, your mobile device will be able to do everything from check-in to opening up your room. You will be able to pay for everything from your phone. Your mobile device will know who you are, where you are and what needs to happen next based on Big Data trending tools that will become faster and smarter in the future.

Better and More Wearable Devices

Wearables are going to continue to improve and new manufacturers are going to enter the market because consumers are in love with this concept.

I think it is possible to see wearable devices go on steroids in the next few years. From watches to clothing, this chip technology may become so small it will not be detected by the human eye. In addition, these devices will continue to collect data by tracking your movements throughout the day and suggest options about what to do next.

Mobile charging units for smartphones are being tested right now on a wrist wearable device, so battery life should not be an issue.

Sharper Resolution and Smarter TVs with More Apps

Smart TVs will be more intuitive with richer operating systems. Samsung is investing in a proprietary OS, while other TV manufacturers are moving to the Android platform. With a richer, more intuitive operating system, a plethora of apps cannot be far behind.

From a hardware standpoint, 4K Monitors that are curved will be the standard. Without a doubt, in the not-to-distant future, we will see 8K or beyond resolution with 3D imaging that will blast multiple video apps streaming at 100+ M/bps second to the trade show floor.

What Should You Do in 2015?

  1. Take an inventory of the way you do things now. Can new technology and apps help your organization save time and money? Communicate better with your attendees? Attract a new segment of members? If the answer is yes, adapt it now.
  2. Rent or lease instead of own. With new technology come on board every 12-18 months, owning equipment may not make a lot of sense.
  3. Keep up with new offerings. Ask for advice and recommendations from your supplier, industry organizations and your peers. See what others are doing and act accordingly.

Hartford Technology Rental Can Prepare You for the Future

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