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5 Reasons Why Your iPad Is Your Valentine

5 Reasons Why Your iPad Is Your Valentine

Whether we realize it or not, technology makes the world go ‘round. Each of us has our go-to devices that play a role in keeping our days going. If you have an iPad, you know exactly what we’re talking about here; and if you don’t, you’re in luck with our iPad rental opportunities!

If you need a Valentine, rent an iPad. If you have an iPad, here are 5 sweet reasons why it’s your ideal Valentine:

  1. Your iPad is in your life to help make it easier. When it comes down to it, the reason that we seek out new technology is to make our lives easier. An iPad can serve such a wide range of purposes that it’s almost like having a number of devices combined into one. Between the general productivity apps and the apps specifically catered to a certain profession or company, the app store gives you access to tools that eliminate the need for certain manual tasks throughout the day. For example, the Do It (Tomorrow) app allows you to keep an ongoing to-do list that transfers the unfinished tasks to the next day automatically. I, for one, cannot function without a to-do list each day so this app saves me the time it would take to make a new to-do list each day. There aren’t many other Valentines who will make it their job to make yours easier like the iPad does.
  2. Your iPad doesn’t talk back, unless you want it to, but only for informative purposes. Siri, your iPad’s personality and your personal assistant, is always willing to talk to you to help you with your needs, but never to argue with you. As of 2013, you can also choose whether you want Siri to sound like a male or female. Siri is short for Sigrid, meaning beauty and victory. After all, aren’t we all just seeking a beautiful and victorious Valentine?
  3. Your iPad can be the best way you start and/or end your day. Within your iPad’s clock function, you can utilize the alarm clock to wake you up in the mornings. Even if you’re a frequent visitor to the snooze button, there are multiple time options that can be set at once. Once you’re out of bed, or if you keep your iPad close to you when you sleep, grab your iPad to view your daily agenda on your calendar as well as your activities for the day within any apps you use as well. At the end of the day, it’s nice to wind down with a movie or a game on your iPad to de-stress.
  4. Your iPad is constantly improving and changing. All we want in a Valentine is the drive to constantly improve and make some changes, when necessary, to keep things interesting. Your iPad’s software is constantly improving, whether it’s fixing glitches or adding more functions, without you having to even say anything! The same thing goes for a lot of your apps as well. Thus, your iPad is constantly bettering itself as you go about your life, saving the obligatory “you need to make some changes” talk that arises within some other Valentine candidates.
  5. Your iPad is a reliable companion year-round. It may not buy you roses, chocolate or an overpriced dinner this Valentine’s Day, but it can provide you year-round satisfaction. Your iPad will always be there for you to rely on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Hartford Technology Rental Loves to Help

At Hartford, we want to provide you with a Valentine option at any time of the year with our iPad rental inventory. Do you need cables and docks to connect to your iPad to a projector or display? Well, we rent iPad accessories too! Call or request a quote today to speak to one of our top notch sales representatives. Love is in the air, and you’ll love working with us!