8 Cool Technology Ideas for Holiday Events

8 Cool Technology Ideas for Holiday Events

Are you thinking about or already committed to holding a holiday gathering? If so, it is important to determine the purpose of your event. Is your purpose to:

  • Appreciate employees and their families
  • Provide a client outreach event
  • Network with potential clients and/or
  • Recognize investors and other key business leaders?

Whatever it is, technology can help in every aspect of the meeting – from the planning to the production. Below are eight ways to make your holiday party interesting and fun for every attendee.

Make the Employees In Charge of the Event

Give your employees a budget for food, beverage, meeting space and technology. Allow them to come up with the space and theme. Let them plan it and vote on the best options through a crowdsourcing app. The more engaged your staff is in the planning of the party; the more likely they will attend it.

Post Icebreakers on the Projector Rental

When people arrive, give them a tablet rental and direct them to the projector for interesting questions to ask each other. Have them record their answers on the tablet.

Make the questions fun and challenging. Display holiday baby pictures of employees. Show past parties. Ask trivia questions about the company’s history.

Give Attendees a Sneak Peek into 2015

In order to stay competitive, companies and organizations must change. Your company is no different; and people love to be in the know about things to come.

Show a video on a large screen monitor rental or have a prototype available for attendees to see for themselves. Talk about your long-term vision as a company and how these new products or services will drive your competitive edge.

Encourage and Engage with Real-time Feedback

Consider giving your holiday attendees Apple rentals that are preloaded with a polling app and common social media channels. Establish a hashtag for the event and encourage attendees to ask questions and give their own ideas about what the company should be doing in the coming year.

If your organization is filled with Millennials, this method of communication will be particularly popular with them.

Bring Upper Management into the Function

Even if your party is hundreds or thousands of miles away from the CEO, you can bring him or her into the event through the use of videoconferencing that is transported onto attendees’ second screen. They will personally be able to see your leader and ask questions of him through social channels or via the bridging app.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

If your event is outside or in a very large venue, use a scavenger hunt app. This will make your party fun, interesting and garner the excitement of children as well.

Provide great prizes for the winners of the hunt.

Instagram Your Party with Selfies

Rent an iPad with the high-resolution camera and take photos of individuals or have a kiosk area where party participants can take photos of themselves.

Create an Instagram hashtag and encourage individuals to use that tag when posting their photos. Display only the selfies with that hashtag on your video wall rental.

In the Spirit of Giving, Donate to a Cause

Rather than giving out goody bags or having an extravagant holiday gala, why not tone things down and partner with a good cause this holiday season? Select one, two or three charities to give to at your party. Encourage attendees to go to the website on their tablet rental and give directly via a credit card. Or you can make a collective contribution by asking attendees to bring a donation to the party

Hartford Technology Rental Can Help With Holiday Events

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