The Pros and Cons of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The Pros and Cons of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Cyberattacks, lack of IT talent and BYOD headaches have caused many organizations to consider Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to keep their data safe and existing resources intact.

Today, we will in introduce you to the VDI option, the pros and cons it offers your business and how Hartford Technology Rental can assist you with implementation.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: What is it?

This process runs a user desktop inside a virtual machine that lives in a datacenter server or farm of servers where the virtualization software runs. It enables fully personalized desktops for each user with all the security and simplicity of centralized management.

VDI Pros

  1. Enables organizations to streamline management and costs by consolidating and centralizing desktops.
  2. Provides end-user mobility and the freedom to access virtual desktops anytime, from anywhere, on any device. 
  3. All operating system and application updates are handled once, at the centralized server level.
  4. Scaling can be easily handled, make it possible by renting desktop pcs for demanding projects and removing them when each assignment is over.
  5. This is a more secure environment as all licensing is centralized and licenses are kept up-to-date.

VDI Cons

  1. VDI doesn’t work for every situation. You must understand how each employee uses their computer and what applications they access — all of which takes a lot of time to figure out. For example, this system is perfect for call center personnel who access the same computer every day. However, for traveling salespersons who move around to different clients, it is not necessarily a good fit.
  2. Determining which devices will and will not be allowed to access the system takes time. Here are four questions that require answers:
    1. Will all BYOD units be approved?
    2. Will certain or all BYODs be banned?
    3. Can existing desktops be used?
    4. Should you standardize on thin clients?
  3. Changing from decentralized to centralized licensing requires time and money. It isn’t just a flip of a switch, its an investment in your company’s infrastructure.
  4. Users generally dislike change. Since this will be a new way of logging onto their computers and gives more control back to the IT department, many may resist its implementation.
  5. Cybersecurity is helped through this process, but it is not a slam dunk. You still need to keep vigilant about vulnerability audits and monitoring practices as hackers are continuously finding new ways to enter systems.

Hartford Technology Rental Has Desktop Rentals

If you need equipment, we can provide your company with the number of desktop rentals it needs to implement a virtual desktop infrastructure. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art, well-cared for and up-to-date. We are happy to pre-install your custom image prior to delivery. Give us a call at 888-520-5667 to learn more!