Business Training: Tricks for Better Learning

Business Training: Tricks for Better Learning

There is no doubt about it; training meetings are on the rise. Here are three statistics that support this notion:

    • The International Association of Conference Centres’ 2014 Trends in the Conference Center Industry Report stated 58% of all meetings held in conference centers were training sessions.
    • Successful Meetings’ 2015 Trend Survey reported 34% of meeting planners said training seminars were the largest segment of their meetings.
  • The American Express Meetings & Events 2015 Global Forecast predicts a 9% increase in training meetings – the largest increase in any meeting category.

In order to remain relevant, training meetings need five key elements according to Deanna Ting, Senior Editor of Successful Meetings. Here is a summary of her findings along with my own ideas about ways to help your trainees learn.

5 Training Tricks

Trick #1: Get Trainees Involved

Your participants will take more of the message back to their daily lives if they can experience the training first hand. With complex concepts simulation seems to be the most effective, but if that is not possible, gamification apps and/or hiring presenters who constantly involve the attendees will help.

“Look at how they are responding, what they are learning and what they need to change. It makes people really think in that moment,” stated Archie Tew a facilitator with

Trick #2: Go Offsite yet Remain Local

Going to an unusual venue that is within 25 miles of your business can blend two things; the ability to go somewhere away from the office noise yet remain in familiar territory.

Finding a location that has historical significance to your region can be a great venue and serve as an icebreaker networking exercise for attendees. Post questions on PowerPoint about the area and ask trainees to network with others to answer the questions.

Trick #3: Tie In a Local University

Putting university professors on the agenda and holding your training at a local university that has a school in your field may be a great option both from a learning and budget prospective. By their nature, college campuses inspire learning and can be a cost efficient choice especially when school is not in session.

Trick #4: Look For Outdoor Spaces

Taking advantage of the great outdoors will provide trainees with a complete change of pace. Holding the training at a local or national park can incorporate walks, bike rides or ranger-led programs into your day. In addition, projector rentals can now be fitted for natural lighting to allow PowerPoint presentations to be delivered outside.

If you can’t hold your meeting outside, give attendees boxed lunches and let them take it outside for informal networking during the lunch hour.

Trick #5: Make Technology and Bandwidth A Priority

Trainees desire the same computing options and high-speed Internet capabilities as the office. If the facility does not have enough speed, look to WiFi hotspot rentals for additional capacity.

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