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Windows Mixed Reality Rental | HMD Headset

Mixing the Real World with the Virtual World

Reality, virtual reality, augmented reality and now Windows mixed reality? Confused yet? Let’s try to de-mystify this. Think of the range of environments as a spectrum with reality at one end and virtual reality at the other end. The space in between where real and virtual environments mix is where you’ll find augmented and mixed reality. Mixed reality in short is the seamless blending of augmented and virtual reality together. Think of mixed reality as mixing real world with computer generated imagery. Imagine you’re in a room and your real table is replaced with a virtual desk. You no longer see your desk but you see a virtual one in the same space. Now that we got that out of the way, what do you need to experience a mixed reality environment?

  • First you’ll need a HMD (head mounted display). The HMD is a display device that is worn on the head or an integrated part of a helmet. It has a small display for each eye along with headphones.
  • For some HMDs you’ll also need a compatible computer to run it. We have a full line of gaming laptops and gaming desktops that are compatible.

Interested in renting Windows Mixed Reality HMDs? Fill out our quick quote request or give us a call today at 888-522-5667. We ship nationwide and can assist with ideas on how to get the most out of mixed reality experiences.

Mixed Reality HMD Rental Lineup

Samsung HMD Odyssey Rental Samsung HMD Odyssey Rental

With vivid 360 degree imagery and spatial sound be prepared to dive into lifelike detail like never before. The Samsung Odyssey HMD headset offers 110 degree FOV which is one of the widest in the market currently available.

Magic Leap One Rental (Coming in 2018) Magic Leap Rental, Augmented Reality Headset

Instead of replacing the real world with a virtual one, what if you could insert life-like people and moving objects into a person’s view of the real world? Interested? This mixed reality headset – the Magic Leap One - will be introduced into the technology market sometime in 2018.