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Reality, virtual reality, augmented reality and now Windows mixed reality? Confused yet? Let’s try to de-mystify this. Think of the range of environments as a spectrum with reality at one end and virtual reality at the other end. The space in between where real and virtual environments mix. This is where you’ll find augmented and mixed reality. Mixed reality in short is the seamless blending of augmented and virtual reality together. Think of mixed reality as mixing real world with computer generated imagery. Imagine you’re in a room and your real table is replaced with a virtual desk. You no longer see your desk but you see a virtual one in the same space. Now that we got that out of the way, what do you need to experience a mixed reality environment?

First you’ll need an HMD (head mounted display). The HMD is a display device that is worn on the head or an integrated part of a helmet. It has a small display for each eye along with headphones. Two of the best examples of a mixed reality HMD are the Samsung Odyssey and the Magic Leap One.

For some HMDs you’ll also need a compatible computer to run it. We have a full line of gaming laptops and desktops that are compatible.

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Rent Samsung Odyssey HMDs

There’s so much confusion between mixed reality and virtual reality that we want to make sure you know that we offer both types of HMDs. If you’re looking for an Oculus Rift rental or want to rent HTC Vive, please click on the links to go to their pages to learn more. So you know, we offer all the major AR and VR headsets and can pre-load your experience prior to delivery. If you require assistance onsite, we can provide trained technicians to assist at your event. Now if you’re looking for AR or mixed reality HMD rentals, here’s the options we currently carry.

Samsung Odyssey | Magic Leap One

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Windows Mixed Reality HMDs 101

Unlike the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive which are VR only HMDs, Windows mixed reality (WMR) encompasses augmented and virtual reality and everything in between. WMR HMDs use a pair of front-mounted cameras and a set of built-in sensors to map your physical position. This is referred to as inside-out tracking. This setup allows for six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) movement tracking without the need to buy external sensors and set them up in a dedicated space. This means setup is simplified allowing you to be up and running in minutes just about anywhere.

Besides that what’s the difference between Windows mixed reality and virtual reality. One of the big things is the resolution of the screens in the HMDs. While the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive utilize screens with 1080x1200 per eye, WMR HMDs like the Samsung Odyssey have far better screens at 1440x1600 resolutions per eye giving you images with much more detail and text being crisper.

The next thing to consider is the software. The Vive works with Valve’s Steam VR platform while the Rift uses the Oculus Home platform and Windows Mixed Reality gets its content from the Windows 10 storefront. There’s more though. Oculus Rift can access the full Steam VR catalog but in order to do so, you’ll need to go to the Oculus Home settings menu and check off “Unknown Sources” box. Conversely if you rent a HTC Vive and want to access the Oculus Home platform, you’ll need to install a 3rd party tool called Revive that will get you access. If you rent a Samsung Odyssey you can access Steam VR experiences. This can get confusing but if you rent AR headsets from Hartford, we’ll help you navigate through the mess.

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Why rent windows mixed reality headsets from Hartford?

We like to be first in the country to rent things which is why we were the first in the country to rent windows mixed reality headsets. Since our first Windows HMD was added to our portfolio, we’ve continued to gain experience in working with many customers on their mixed reality projects. We now offer the largest mixed reality inventory that we find a lot of our competitors end up sub-renting from us. Having a large inventory gives us the ability to handle very large augmented reality events. We have the resources to provide everything you need in a complete kit including professional onsite technicians to ensure your augmented reality event goes off without a hitch. This is all backed by 24/7 service and our best Samsung Odyssey rental price guarantee. By partnering with Hartford you get all of this and more.

Our main distribution locations are in major metropolitan cities of Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles offering same day delivery (in most cases) and delivery nationwide within 24 hours.

When you’re ready please give us call us at 888-520-5667 and let’s talk about the details of your upcoming 360 event.

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